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How to Keep Ember Tetras With Betta Fish?

ember tetras with betta

Betta fish are well-known for being aggressive and territorial in nature. They prefer to be alone and have a hard time getting along with other fish in the aquarium. However, some fish are capable of living with a betta fish. So, can I keep ember tetras with betta fish?

If you are considering keeping ember tetras with betta fish in the same tank, you should go ahead and do it. The only thing to keep in mind is that before introducing both fish to the tank, specific requirements must be met. This pairing of ember tetras with betta fish, however, may fail if your betta fish is relatively more aggressive. As a result, consider your betta fish’s temperament before proceeding with the setup of the tank.

Ember Tetras With Betta Fish: Compatibility Factors

Ember Tetras With Betta Fish Compatibility Factors

Water Temperature

Water temperature is critical for the health of any fish and must be constantly monitored. Ember tetras and betta fish, on the other hand, require almost identical water temperatures. As a result, you will not have any issues in maintaining the optimum water temperature.

A betta fish demands water that is between 76 and 82 degrees Fahrenheit. Ember tetras, on the other hand, require water temperatures ranging from 68 to 82 degrees F. As a result, it is clear that the two requirements are quite alike and comparable.

Thus, there will be no discrepancies as long as the water temperature is acceptable for either of the fish. Ensure that a proper water heater is installed in the tank to optimize the temperature of the water so that it stays within the required range.

Water pH Level

The water pH requirements of cherry barb and betta fish are quite comparable. Betta fish require a pH range of 6.5 to 7.5, whereas ember tetras demand a pH range of 5.5 to 7. As a result, when it comes to the required water pH level, there is a lot of overlap in the requirements.

To ensure that the pH level of your tank’s water is optimum, you should check it on a regular basis. Ember tetras may survive in slightly acidic water. To avoid stressing either fish, it is recommended that the pH of the water be kept near 7.

Tank Requirements

Ember Tetra Tank Requirements

Even though ember tetras and betta fish require small tanks individually, you will need a large tank to accommodate ember tetras with betta fish in a single tank. You must also keep ember tetras in groups of at least six. Due to the aggressive temperament of the betta fish, a tank of at least 15 gallons is required.

In a 15-gallon tank, you can keep a school of six ember tetras with a single betta fish. The fundamental rule of thumb is to provide one gallon of water for every inch of a fish’s length. Therefore, a larger tank is always advised as it can handle the increased bioload.

You also need to add enough decors to provide ember tetras and betta fish with enough hiding spots within the tank. As a result, adding decorations such as aquatic plants, caves, driftwood, and so on will be beneficial. Make sure the tank decorations do not have any sharp or rough edges that may harm your betta fish.

A dark-colored gravel-based substrate is generally recommended while keeping ember tetras with betta fish. A gravel-based aquarium substrate will ensure that your fish does not get injured while digging through the substrate and the dark color will bring out the colors of your fish.

Behavior & Temperament

Ember tetras are schooling fish that need to be kept in groups of at least 6 to avoid any sort of shyness from the tetras. They are quite active swimmers and usually stay in the middle level of the tank. They have been seen to nip fins from time to time. They are relatively peaceful and are not aggressive towards other fish.

Betta fish are born fighters and are characterized by an aggressive and territorial nature. They prefer to be alone. They generally swim at the top level of the tank and are relatively calm swimmers. The temperament of the betta fish varies from betta to betta.

However, it is a known fact that female betta fish are relatively calmer than male bettas. Thus, you have a better chance of ember tetra with a female betta as compared to ember tetra with a male betta. Although, male bettas are more attractive than female ones.

Dietary Needs

Dietary Needs of betta fish and ember tetra

Betta fish eat mostly carnivorous foods. As a result, they require a high-protein, meat-based diet. Quality betta flakes, betta pellets, frozen brine shrimp, daphnia, bloodworms, and insect larvae make up an ideal betta diet.

The diet of the ember tetras is similar to that of a betta fish. Ember tetras can occasionally eat algae, which is the only difference between the two dietary requirements. Ember tetras prefer to swim in the middle level of the tank. As a result, feeding them will not be an issue.

The only thing to keep in mind is not to overfeed the betta fish because they are easily overfed. Overfeeding your betta fish can lead to fatal consequences. Only feed your fish once or twice a day, and only in amounts that your fish can consume in 30 to 40 seconds.

Keeping Ember Tetras With Betta Fish

After comparing the different tank requirements of ember tetras with betta fish, there are a few more things to consider when introducing betta fish to your ember tetras. To begin, it is recommended that you add the betta fish after the tetras have been introduced in the tank.

If you add a betta fish before the tetras, it will consider the entire tank to be its territory and will do everything it takes to keep outsiders out. To avoid any conflict, it is best to let the tetras settle before adding the betta fish. This is done owing to the territorial nature of the betta fish.

You may also sometimes notice ember tetras nipping betta fins while keeping ember tetras with betta fish. Well, this is quite common and can be prevented. If you see your ember tetras nipping your betta’s fins then try increasing the tank size or adding a few more tetras in the mix.

FAQs on Keeping Ember Tetras With Betta Fish

Are ember tetras fin nippers?

YES. You may notice your ember tetras nip fins if its school is too small. Considering adding a few more tetras to avoid fin nipping.

How many ember tetras with betta fish?

You can keep a school of about 6 ember tetras with betta fish. Just make sure that your tank is big enough to host all the fish properly.

Can ember tetras eat betta food?

YES. Ember tetras can eat your betta food alongside eating algae.

What tetras go with betta fish?

Neon Tetras
– Ember Tetras
– Cardinal Tetras
– Black Neon Tetras
– Rummy Nose Tetras

Can ember tetras and betta live in a 5-gallon tank?

NO. Ember tetras are schooling fish that need to be kept in schools of 6. A betta fish alone requires a tank that is at least 3-gallons. Ember tetras also require at least 10 gallons.

Final Thoughts

Thus, if you are thinking about keeping ember tetras with betta fish, you should definitely go for it. As long as the tank requirements and dietary needs of both the fish are fulfilled, you should not face any issues. Just be aware of fin nipping by ember tetras and the temperament of the betta fish.