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Aqueon Betta Falls Tank: A Detailed Overview

betta falls tank

The most crucial factor to consider while hosting a betta fish is the type of tank you plan to keep the betta fish in. Moreover, if you plan to keep more than one betta fish, the choice becomes narrower. The Aqueon Betta Falls Tank is the solution you were looking for.

With three separate compartments to host three betta fish, a curved yet compact design, and an efficient water filtration system in place, the Aqueon Betta Falls Tank has everything a betta fish needs. Moreover, it is not only suited for an average household but also looks good in an office. The waterfall system provides a healthy water current and includes frosted panels to prevent the betta fish from seeing each other.

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Aqueon Betta Falls Tank

Product Overview

Being a product manufactured by Aqueon, you can rest assured it will be well worth the purchase. The same goes for the Aqueon Betta Falls Tank that is undoubtedly a unique and economical approach towards providing a suitable home to not only a single betta fish but three separate betta fish.

Yes, you heard it right. The Aqueon Betta Falls Tank has three separate compartments made of glass that allow you to keep a betta fish in each of them. Thus, with this tank, you can enjoy not only the view of a single betta fish but also a combination of different varieties of fish.

It is well-known that betta fish have a bad temperament and are particularly aggressive towards other betta fish. Thus, it is not recommended to keep two betta fish together in a single tank. However, the Aqueon Betta Falls Tank has a way around this. It consists of frosted panels between the compartments to block any vision between the fish.

Additionally, the tank also comes with a waterfall system that makes it look attractive and ensures a steady and slow water current that is ideal for a betta fish. Moreover, its curved and compact design makes it suitable for household and official furnishing.

The Aquoen Betta Falls Tank also comes with the built-in Aqueon Quietflow Filtration that provides biological and mechanical filtration. It removes any unwanted elements like ammonia, chlorine, nitrate, and nitrites from the water and provides a steady water current for your betta fish.

The tank also comes with additional filter cartridges and food samples that give you a basic idea about the tank’s working. It also includes a fill indicator window that shows the internal water level in the tank. It is reasonably easy to set up and provides a comfy home for your betta fish.

How To Set Up Betta Fish Falls Tank?

For the initial filling of the water, add some water to each compartment and filter the reservoir. Then turn on the water pump and continue adding water until the ‘max’ level is reached as indicated in the internal water level reading. Add suitable gravel and decors like plants to each compartment.

You can add a submersible heater in the bottom of a compartment to maintain the water temperature. It is also advised to keep the lid on at all times. It is also recommended to set the filter reading to a minimum to adjust the water flow of the waterfall system.

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How To Clean Betta Falls Tank?

Follow the following steps while cleaning a betta falls tank:

  • Unplug the betta falls tank
  • Take out about 75% of the tank water in each compartment in another container for later use
  • Remove each betta fish in separate containers
  • Put a lid on the container to prevent the betta from jumping out
  • Drain the remaining water in the tank
  • Scrub the tank and the decors in warm water
  • Rinse the gravel under warm water as well
  • Refill the tank with some new water and the container water
  • Add the water conditioner and mix it well
  • Add the necessary tank equipment and wait for a few hours to attain former water parameters
  • After making sure every parameter is at the optimum level, add the betta fish back

Customer Reviews

People who have used and tried the Aqueon Betta Falls Tank are considerably satisfied with the product’s working. Some had problems putting the grid lid on the tank top, resulting in betta fish jumping into another compartment. However, if used correctly, the tank works perfectly.

Some people also claimed that the filter motor makes noise while working. If the filter is set according to instructions, it will not make any noise. Overall, customers appear to be happy with their purchases. Thus, we would recommend buying the Aqueon Betta Falls Tank.

What Makes It Different?

The most important question so far is what makes the Aqueon Betta Falls Tank unique or different from other similar products in the market. First of all, there are little to no products that are like the Aqueon Betta Falls Aquarium.

Moreover, the tank has unique complementary features like compact design, a steady waterfall system providing optimum water current, an inbuilt Aqueon Quietflow Filter, and three different compartments to host three other fish.

Following are some points that may contribute to the uniqueness of the Aqueon Betta Falls Tank.

  • Compartmented Design – The betta falls tank consists of three different glass compartments to accomodate three betta fish. Its curved and compact design makes is a prefect fit to your houseold or office. The compartments are separeted by a frosted panels to reduce visibilty between the bettas.
  • Waterfall system – A waterfall system is installed in the tank that provides steady flow of water and low water current to your betta fish. It also adds to the beauty and attractiveness of the tank as whole. A fill indicator window is also included to check the internal water level in the tank.
  • Aqueon Quietflow Filter – The Aqueon Betta Falls Tank also uses the inbuilt Aqueon Quietflow Filter to provide proper and efficient mechanical and biological water filtration. It ensures slow water current and keeps the ammonia, chlorine, chloramine, and nitrates levels at bay.
  • Other Factors – The tank also comes with cartridge and food samples. It is farily easy to set up and is pretty easy to clean. It provides a beautiful home for your betta fish and allows you to keep three different varieties of fish in a single setup.

Pros & Cons

– Can hold up to three betta fish in a single tank– Absence of a lid may lead the betta to jump to another compartment
– Looks attractive with a waterfall system– No water heater included
– Includes the efficient Aqueon Quietflow Filter– No proper lighting system
– Positive customer reviews– May be expensive
– Branded product
– Comes with filter cartridge and food samples

FAQs On Aqueon Betta Falls Tank

Can bettas live in a 2-gallon betta falls tank?

YES. Betta fish can live in a 2-gallon tank as long as the water and tank parameters are adequately met. The Aqueon Betta Falls Tank can host up to 3 bettas.

Do bettas like low flow?

YES. Bettas do like a low current of water. They are calm swimmers who like low water resistance while swimming.

What size filter does Aqueon Betta Falls Tank use?

The Aqueon Betta Falls Tank uses the medium-sized Aqueon Quietflow Water Filter.

Final Thoughts

Thus, if you are looking to keep multiple bettas in a single tank that is both habitable and attractive, then the Aqueon Betta Falls Tank is the product for you. It can host up to three bettas, including a working water filter and a waterfall system that ensures a steady current.