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Do Betta Fish Get Lonely – Myth OR Fact?

Do Betta Fish Get Lonely

Every once in a while, all betta fish owners doubt whether their fish is feeling lonely or not. Owners claim that their betta fish seems to be lonely as they swim alone in a large tank. So the question arises, “Do betta fish get lonely?”

The answer is NO. It might seem that your betta is lonely, but the matter of fact is betta fishes, especially male ones, prefer to be alone. We assure you that your betta fish is not feeling lonely. It is just in its nature to be alone, owing to its territorial and aggressive nature. So there is no need for you to worry about your betta fish’s solitary.

Do Betta Fish Get Lonely Or Are They Just Bored?

Do Betta Fish Get Lonely Or Are They Just Bored?

There is a thin line of difference between loneliness and boredom. We have assured you that your betta fish is not at all feeling lonely. So if your betta fish is not lonely, then can it be that it is feeling bored? The answer is MAYBE. Betta fish is not like us. They do not feel bored the way we do.

Betta fish do not get bored, but there is a high chance that they may be stressed. Sometimes it is hard to tell whether or not the betta fish is stressed or not. It would help if you looked for some signs which may indicate stressful conditions for your betta fish. Following are some signs to look for if you feel your betta is stressed:

  • Betta fish tends to hide too much behind the decor or plants
  • Swimming up and down the tank hastily may be cause for concerns
  • Betta fish does not swim quite often, that is, it tends to be lethargic

Thus, you should look for the above-mentioned signs if you suspect your betta fish to be stressed. You can add other decors like exercise mirrors or prepare a hoop and an obstacle course for your betta fish if you feel it is getting bored.

Betta Fish With Other Fishes As Tankmates

Betta fish with other fishes

As mentioned earlier, betta fish is very territorial and aggressive when it comes to other fishes (including betta fish). Male betta fish are more aggressive than female ones. Thus, it is advised not to keep a male betta fish and a female betta fish together in a tank. There is a high chance that the male betta fish will attack the female one.

If we talk about fishes other than betta, the answer is not very different. So if you are wondering do betta fish get lonely, they are not. It is in their nature to be alone as they do not get along with other fish. If you really want to have a tank mate for your betta, you can get it, but many conditions need to be fulfilled before you do so.

If you want a tank mate for your betta fish, you must ensure that the other fish is not a fin nipper or another betta. You should also get a tank that is at least 10 gallons if you need a tank mate for your betta. You will also need to add certain decors and plants to provide your betta with an ideal hiding spot.

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Do Betta Fish Get Lonely In Case of Female Ones

Do Betta Fish Get Lonely In Case of Female Ones

Betta fish, whether male or female, do not get lonely. But in the case of female betta fish, they can live in colonies of more than 5. Keeping two or three female betta fishes in a tank may lead to aggressive behavior among the fishes. But maintaining female betta sororities of more than 5 female betta fishes prevents such behavior.

By maintaining such sororities of female betta fishes, aggressive behavior is not concentrated on one particular fish. It is divided among all the other fishes. This ensures calm and composure in the water tank. Thus, unlike the male betta fish, the female ones are capable of living in sororities.

FAQs Related to Do Betta Fish Get Lonely

Does my betta fish need a tank mate?

NO. There is absolutely no issue with your betta being alone. It does not need a tank mate. Betta fish are naturally very aggressive and territorial. Therefore, the presence of another fish might lead the betta fish to attack it.

How do you entertain a betta fish?

If you feel that your betta fish is feeling bored, you can entertain him using the following ways:
– Install an exercising mirror in the tank
– Add floating decors
– Prepare an obstacle course for your betta fish
– Add a hoop or a ring and train your betta to jump through it

How can I tell if my betta fish is happy?

Here are some signs which show that your betta fish is happy and relaxed:
– Active appetite
– Swims often and smoothly
– Opened fins
– Vibrant and showy color and appearance

What does betta fish like in its tank?

Betta fishes like plantations and other decors providing them with various hiding places. Decors include caves and other artifacts. You can use plants made up of silk, but live plants are recommended. Live plants in the tank may provide your betta fish with an environmental experience.

How can I tell if my betta fish is stressed?

If your betta fish is swimming hastily from the top of the tank to the bottom or side to side, it may be a sign of stress for the betta fish. If the betta is hiding behind the decors or plants too often, it may also be a sign of stress. Locked fins, lack of energy, and lethargy may also indicate stress on the betta fish.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, there is nothing wrong with your betta fish, and it does not get lonely. So if you are wondering do betta fish get lonely, the answer is NO. This does not entail that your betta fish is bored. Boredom and loneliness are two different things. However, it would be best to look for signs of stress as it is a severe issue.