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Best Ways to Change Betta Fish Water

change betta fish water

Betta fish are not that hardy a fish as you might expect them to be. They are highly susceptible to various kinds of bacterial diseases and parasitic infections. Thus, it becomes vital to keep the tank water clean in the betta fish’s tank. An essential part of keeping the tank water clean is knowing how to change betta fish water.

Water can be changed in a betta tank in two ways – a partial water change and a full water change. The type of water change you must choose depends upon the prevailing tank conditions. If the tank water is too unhealthy for a betta fish, a complete water change must be done. In most cases, only a partial water change is done because a full water change can stress the betta fish out.

How To Change Betta Fish Water Partially?

As mentioned earlier, we can change betta fish water in two ways. One is to change betta fish water partially, and another is to change betta fish water entirely. A partial water change is generally recommended as a complete water change can sometimes increase the stress levels in your betta fish.

There are a few steps that you should follow while conducting a partial water change of your betta tank. These steps need to be followed very carefully and precisely. Water change is perhaps the essential aspect of keeping a habitable environment for your betta fish.

Here are the various steps that need to be followed for a partial change of betta fish water.

Condition The New Water

Change Betta Fish Water tank water

Take a large container and make sure it is clean. Add some fresh water to it. Now add a water conditioner to this collected water. Various betta water conditioners are available in pet stores and Amazon as well. The water conditioner removes all the unwanted chlorine, chloramine, nitrates, and nitrites from the water.

Make sure to add the right amount of water conditioner to the water in the container. Also, make sure to follow the instructions given on the conditioner’s package very carefully to avoid any discrepancies in the future. You should not be changing betta fish water without a conditioner.

Set The Water Temperature

Set The Water Temperature Using Heater

Do not add the betta fish immediately after having added the water conditioner. Adding a betta fish right after adding the water conditioner can stress your betta fish out. It would help if you kept in mind that the container water is at the optimum temperature before adding a betta fish.

So how to change betta fish water temperature? To do this, you can let the container sit idle for about an hour or two so that it can reach room temperature. Another way to attain the optimum temperature is to mix hot and cold water to achieve the tank water temperature and then add the water conditioner.

If you see your betta fish floating after a water change, then it might be due to temperature shock. Therefore, it is essential to get the water temperature right.

Remove Some Tank Water

The next step of the water changing process is to remove some amount of water from the last betta tank. Make sure not to remove more than 25 percent of water from the tank. To measure the amount of water drew you can use a measuring jug or a siphon hose.

After removing 25 percent of the tank water, add the conditioned container water to the betta tank. Before adding the container water, make sure to read the water temperature and check whether it is at the optimum level or not.

Repeat The Above Process Periodically

It is recommended to repeat such water changes at least once a week to avoid any unwanted build-up of bacterial and parasitic colonies. Such regular water changes are necessary and should be done more often if the tank water is dirtier than usual.

Water change is an integral part of having and creating a habitable environment for your betta fish. Regularity in water change is also a critical factor in keeping your betta fish healthy and active. Thus, make sure to conduct such water changes periodically at least once every 7 to 10 days.

How To Change Betta Fish Water Fully?

The part of changing betta fish water fully is almost the same as that of changing the water partially. The only difference in the process is that you need to displace the whole water in the current betta tank with new conditioned water.

Both the processes are the same until the step of checking the water temperature of the container water. After that, transfer the betta from its original tank to the container containing the new conditioned water. After having done this, clean the last tank thoroughly.

Now add the container water that was conditioned to the newly cleaned tank along with the betta fish. Complete water changes are not necessary every time a water change is needed. Majorly, partial water changes are done, but complete water change is required if the tank is too dirty.

FAQs on Changing Betta Fish Water

How often to change betta fish water?

You should change not more than 25 percent of betta tank water at a time. A water change should be done once every week.

Can I keep my betta in tap water?

YES. You can keep your betta fish in tap water as long as it is conditioned first using a store-bought betta water conditioner.

How long can a betta fish go without a water change?

It is recommended to conduct periodic water changes once every week. A betta fish can go two or more weeks without any water change, but it is not recommended.

Can I use bottled water to keep a betta fish?

NO. Bottled water cannot be used to keep a betta fish because it is majorly filtered water. Such filtered water lacks essential minerals and nutrients needed for the survival of a betta fish.

Is changing betta fish water distilled good?

NO. You should not use distilled water for a betta fish as it lacks essential nutrients and minerals for your betta fish to stay healthy.

How often to change betta fish water without a filter?

Firstly, it is always recommended to add a water filter to your betta tank. If you do not have a water filter, you should change water almost every day to maintain a habitable environment for your betta fish.

Final Thoughts

Thus, there are two ways to change betta fish water. One way is to conduct partial water change. Another way is to achieve a complete water change. The type of way to choose depends on the degree of dirt in the tank. Just follow the steps mentioned above precisely to avoid any discrepancies.