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Betta Fish Cloudy Water: A Complete Guide

Betta Fish Cloudy Water

Water conditions are perhaps an essential aspect of raising a healthy betta fish. However, sometimes you may notice the tank water turn cloudy for no apparent reason. Well, no need to panic as such betta fish cloudy water occurrences are quite common and easily treatable.

Before discussing further, you should know that betta fish cloudy water is a pretty common occurrence, especially in new betta tanks, and generally does no harm to your betta fish. As a matter of fact, the cloudy water signifies that your betta tank is adjusting to the changing conditions. You might notice either grey cloudiness or green cloudiness in your betta tank. Each type has its own set of causes and treatments.

Betta Fish Cloudy Water: Causes

Water in a betta tank becoming cloudy is extremely common. Besides, even if you follow all the instructions carefully in the betta rearing handbook, at some point in time, you would have to experience such water cloudiness in your tank.

As stated earlier, betta fish cloudy water can be of two types: grey or white cloudiness and green cloudiness. As the name suggests, these types of cloudiness differ based on the color of the cloudiness. However, besides the color, these two may also vary in causes and their potential solution modes.

Both the types of betta fish cloudy water are caused due to different reasons. It is essential to determine the root cause behind such cloudy betta fish water as the solution depends on the nature of the cause. Now, let us highlight some of the probable causes of cloudiness in the water of your betta tank.

Grey Cloudiness

Betta Fish Cloudy Water Causes

Perhaps, the most common type of cloudiness is grey cloudiness. This is because the causes behind grey cloudiness are more abundant in nature. Thus, white cloudiness is more common than green cloudiness in the tank water, and here are some of the causes of this form of cloudiness.

Bacteria Growth

Bacterial blooms or bacterial buildups are the most common cause of betta fish cloudy water. On the other hand, such bacteria do not always pose harm to your betta fish. Such bacterial blooms are rarely instantaneous, as it takes months for enough bacteria to collect to change the color of the tank water.

Tank Conditions

Tank conditions include parameters like the water temperature, water pH level, water hardness, and levels of different elements like ammonia and chlorine. Any inconsistencies in the above-mentioned parameters can encourage the growth of unwanted bacteria, causing the tank water to become cloudy.

Unclean Gravel

It is possible that you did not thoroughly wash the aquarium gravel before adding it to your tank. The water in the tank may grow cloudy as a result of the usage of such unwashed gravel. Thus, always remember to use a clean and optimum amount of gravel in your tank.

If you notice your tank water turning greyish cloudy, you should look into the listed factors. There is a high chance that the grey cloudiness and reduced visibility were caused due to any of the mentioned reasons.

Green Cloudiness

Even though relatively less common, green cloudiness has been seen to happen. The main reason behind such greenish coloration of the tank water is a sudden and abnormal increase in the algae growth in the tank. Here are some of the causes behind such increased algae growth in the tank.

Over Lighting

Algae thrive in bright light. Your tank may be at such an angle where it is getting sufficient sunlight, or even when you turn on your aquarium light for long periods. As a result of the excessive light, algae overgrow in the tank, turning the water green.

Leftovers & Waste

Leftover or uneaten food, as well as fish waste, might contribute to an algal overgrowth in your tank, as a result of these wastes and leftover fish food, the phosphate level in the tank rises, which might lead to an increase in algae development in the tank, thereby, leading to green cloudiness.

Betta Fish Cloudy Water: Solutions

Betta Fish Cloudy Water Solutions

If you see your tank water becoming cloudy, then you should not panic as it is pretty standard and easily treatable. Treatment of cloudy tank water is not difficult, and the method used depends on the cause of the cloudiness. Here are a few solutions for betta fish cloudy water.

Wait It Out

The majority of the time, the reason for foggy or unclean water in the tank is natural. This is particularly seen after installing a new tank and is generally expected to happen at least once. You should ignore such cloudiness and allow it to get normal on its own.

Dim The lights

Overexposure to lighting can also promote an overgrowth of algae in the tank. An overabundance of algae can tint the tank water, turning it green. As a result, minimizing the tank’s exposure to light can help avoid green cloudiness in the tank.

Avoid Overfeeding

Remember that you should only feed your betta fish as much food as it can consume in 30 to 40 seconds. Your betta fish should only be fed once or twice a day. Overfeeding can result in food going uneaten, leading to a bacterial bloom.

Periodical Water Changes

To prevent betta fish cloudy water, make sure you change at least 15% to 20% of it every week. Regular water changes not only guarantee that the tank does not get overrun by bacteria but also aids in controlled algae growth.

FAQs On Betta Fish Cloudy Water

Why is tank water becoming cloudy after a water change?

Your tank water may become cloudy after a water change because of the presence of various dirt particles and sediments in the newly changed water or because of the filter being turned on after the water change that results in a disturbance of said sediments.

Is cloudy water harmful to bettas?

No. There is absolutely no evidence suggesting that cloudy water is harmful to betta fish. Thus, you need not panic at the sight of betta fish cloudy water.

How often to change the water in a betta tank?

You should change at least 15% to 20% of the tank water every week.

Will cloudy water kill my betta?

Probably not. Cloudy water is often harmless to your betta fish. However, if you are still worried, consider treating it as it is quite easy.

Final Thoughts

If you notice betta fish cloudy water in your tank, you need not panic as it is very common and poses no harm to your betta fish. It is also easily treatable if the root cause is determined. Most of the time, the cloudiness is natural and goes away on its own.