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Top Reasons Why Your Betta Fish Losing Scales

betta fish losing scales

Betta fish losing scales is a major concern for pet lovers. Expedited by the unprecedented pandemic, the pet trade mafia has grown colossal. The pet shops in and across the USA have boomed, with more and more people coming to get a new pet to fill the void prompted by the disastrous pandemic.

The Siamese fighting fish, better dubbed as the Betta fish, is one of the favorites when it comes to selecting a cute pet for your new aquarium.  But do you know how to take care of it? In this blog, we shall discuss common conundrums faced by pet lovers on whether betta fish lose scales?

To answer the question merely with a yes or no would be a dire exercise on destroying the essence of the question. Betta fishes do lose scales, but one cannot merely conclude that they undergo natural ecdysis as some animals?

Natural Causes of Betta fish losing scales

Betta losing scales

Betta fishes lose scales naturally when there is a sudden change in the environment. When you buy a new betta fish, there is a possibility of scale loss because of the sudden change in the environment. Also, when you engage in changing the aquariums, there is a possibility of scale loss. It is advised that they be acclimatized before moving to a new environment. Also, losing scale is a major sign if your Betta fish has entered the realms of senility or old age.

Artificial Cause of Betta fish losing scales

A major cause of concern for the betta fish losing scales artificially is the mediocrity or the low quality of the water used in the aquarium. Water contains various minerals such as nitrates, magnesium, calcium, and ammonia. An imbalance in this level of minerals can alter the PH of the water and, in turn, drive the scales to peel of from the body ( The PH is a measure of the level of hydrogen in the water).

Betta fishes prefer calm water with a PH between 6.8 and 7.5. While they may seem to tolerate cooler temperatures, they will be inactive and more susceptible to disease. The water has to be changed regularly and also the use of conditioners is recommended. Moreover, the water has to be tested regularly to ensure that the optimum levels are maintained.

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Role of Physical injuries in Betta fish losing scales

Betta fish losing scales due to Physical injuries

Another instance that can accelerate scale loss is physical injuries to the fish caused by sharp objects present in the habitat. Pointed shells, hooks, wires, or any other rough objects could bruise the delicate body of the fish and, in turn, cause scale loss.

Hence such objects that have a potency to harm the fish unbeknownst must be removed or replaced. Further, if your bet is injured, it has to be treated immediately. The water has to be changed a fair amount of times continuously until the injury is healed. Also, the use of the Betta fix and the Mela fix could help in their treatment.

Role of Tank heaters in Betta fish losing scales

Tank Heaters are an inevitable part of Betta fish management. Faulty Tank heaters are another cause of scale losses in betta fishes. The excessive heat burns the skin and thereby expedites scale loss and further wounds the fish exposing it to further infection, which may eventually prove fatal.

The ideal temperature for rearing a Betta fish is between 74 and 82 degrees Fahrenheit. When getting a heater for your betta fish aquarium, the heater’s quality must be taken care of, and the optimum temperature must be manually maintained. Some of the best quality heaters include Fluval E100 advanced electronic heater, Hygger 50w submersible aquarium heater, and Fluval M50 submersible heater are some of the best options.

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Role of Infections in Betta fish losing scales

Infections in Betta fish losing scales

A major reason for betta fish losing scales is infections. Below is a list of some common infections that affect Betta fish, leading to scale loss.

1. Furunculosis

A major infection that often causes scale loses is Furunculosis. Furunculosis causes open red sores and ulcers on the skin of fish. This deteriorates the skins and weakens the scales. The use of medications that include Ampicillin, Kanamycin, and Tetracycline could ease the infection and revitalize the skin. This infection can also be identified if your fish shows lethargy in its quotidian activities.

2. Anchor worms

Anchor worms are another menace that causes scale losses in Betta fish. The worms attack the tail and fins, and other parts of the body where there is a high chance of dirt accumulation. If ever the anchor worms attack the fish, they can be removed using tweezers.

3. Hexamita bacteria

Hexamita bacteria is a major bacteria present in the intestines of Betta fish. They are usually harmless, but the lack of proper vitamins ( vitamin A and C) in the betta fish compromises their immunity. Further, the Hexamita attacks the various organs of fish, and Eventually, it spreads so much, the sensory pores on the head of your betta also become infected.

Once this happens, they fill with pus to fight the infection. Eventually, these pus-filled pores will burst, and a hole is left on the head of the Betta fish. This, in turn, prompts the loss of scales near the hole. The use of medications containing metronidazole proves effective in the treatment of this disease.

FAQs Related to Betta Fish Losing Scales

Do Betta fishes undergo ecdysis?

No, Betta fishes do not undergo ecdysis. Ecdysis is a phenomenon undergone by reptiles predominantly.

Can I avoid using a Tank heater in the Betta fish aquarium?

No, to maintain the optimum temperature, a tank heater is inevitable as the room temperature is subject to fluctuations.

What is the ideal PH for Betta fish?

Betta fishes prefer calm water with aPH between 6.8 and 7.5.

How to treat a bruised Betta fish?

A bruised betta fish can be treated using mela fix or betta fix. The continuous change of water is also recommended.


The Betta fish seems to be one of the best pets out there for all the Pisces lovers, but one must be well versed in the intricacies of its management. Particularly aquarium water management is important to maintain the betta fish’s health and betta fish losing scales. The products brought for the management must be such that it is reliable and offers the best quality as buying low-quality products might expedite the betta fish losing scales.