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What Color Light Do Betta Fish Like?

what color light do betta fish like

Betta fish are an increasingly popular breed of aquarium fish that is highly demanded due to their brightly colored body and fins and low-maintenance tag. While setting up a tank for a betta, it is generally advisable for you to mimic the natural environment of the betta fish. Keeping that in mind, one might wonder what color light do betta fish like.

As stated earlier, it is very important to mimic the natural environment of the betta fish while setting up a tank for your betta. Light is an essential part of the natural habitat of a betta fish. In the wild, the only source of light betta has is natural sunlight. In the tank, it is also recommended to make use of sunlight for the lighting of the betta tank. You might also use normal artificial LED lighting to light up your betta tank. Generally, the usage of plain lights without any color is advisable.

Do Betta Fish Need Light?

Before moving on to answering the question of what color light do betta fish like, we must first understand whether or not a betta fish needs light. Like all living creatures, betta fish need a considerable amount of lighting to stay healthy.

So why is light so crucial for a betta fish? The answer is quite simple, and we might be able to relate to it as well. Betta fish, like us, follow a sleep schedule. We are awake during the day and sleep at night. Do we keep the lights on during the night time while sleeping? Usually, no.

The same goes in the case of a betta fish. Betta fish, roughly, needs about 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness. You should keep the lights off at night as it helps a betta fish sleep peacefully. Thus, there should be a proper balance between light and darkness.

It is of utmost importance that you define a sleeping schedule for your betta fish by lights. A proper sleeping schedule is necessary as it helps reduce the stress of the betta and ensures that your betta stays healthy. If your betta is sleep-deprived, then it can have many long-term problems.

Thus, we have highlighted how important light is for the well-being of a betta fish. We should look at the betta fish’s sleep routine similar to the routine of a human. In simple terms, betta fish need a good amount of light during the day and absolutely no light during the nighttime.

What Color Light Do Betta Fish Like?

What Color Light Do Betta Fish Like?

Having discussed how vital light is for a betta fish, we will now highlight various key points to keep in mind while deciding over the light source for your betta fish. So, which source of light is best for betta fish? What color light do betta fish like? Let us find out.

To answer the first part of the question about the best source of light for a betta fish, there are not a wide variety of sources to choose from. There are only two choices for sources of light you can choose from. One is natural sunlight, and another is artificial light.


It is usually preferred that you use natural sunlight for your betta tank as it is not only economical and low cost but also provides a natural element to your tank. However, there are a few things that should be kept in mind while using sunlight to light the tank.

Firstly, you should keep the tank in such a place where the area gets enough sunlight throughout the day. Secondly, the tank should not be kept under direct sunlight as it can considerably increase the tank’s temperature over time which can prove to be harmful to your betta fish.

Thirdly, it should also be noted that the usage of sunlight as a source of light would lead to the growth of algae in your betta tank. If allowed to overgrow, algae can not only harm your betta but also will make your tank look pretty unpleasant.

Artificial Light

Another way to light your betta tank is by using artificial lights. Using artificial lights will not lead to an unnecessary increase in the water temperature. Moreover, it will also not cause an overgrowth of algae in the tank. The only problem with artificial light is that you will have to purchase it as it is not free.

Many artificial lights, especially those made for an aquarium, come with a timer on them. This timer ensures that the light is not on throughout the day and the night. Using the timer, you can properly schedule the lighting of your betta tank. Artificial lights also provide additional benefits like giving vitamin D to your betta.

Having discussed the sources of light for a betta tank, we will now answer the second part of the question: what color light do betta fish like? Well, the answer is pretty simple. Betta fish do not need any color lights other than your standard white light.

According to a study conducted on betta fish, betta fish can perceive different colors. Thus, using a colored light is not recommended, especially during the nighttime, as it can interfere with the sleep schedule of your betta fish. However, you may also notice the betta fish fins changing color depending on light if you were to use colored lights.

Many people like to use colored lights like blue during the night to make sure whether or not their betta is swimming alright. We do not advise you to do so as using light during the night may make it difficult for your betta to sleep peacefully.

FAQs On What Color Lights Do Betta Fish Like

What color light do betta fish like?

It is usually recommended that you avoid using colored lights for your betta tank as bettas are able to perceive different colors, and using colored lights will interfere with the sleeping routine of your betta fish. Normal white-colored light is preferred.

How do I make my betta colorful?

Proper lighting goes a long way in amplifying the beauty and color of your betta fish. Thus, a good light source is needed to make your betta fish look more colorful.

Do bettas like complete darkness?

YES. But during the nighttime. Like most of us, Bettas prefer complete darkness during the night as it helps them sleep peacefully.

Final Thoughts

Thus, if you were wondering what color light do betta fish like then, the answer is plain white. Natural sunlight or normal LED lights are good light sources for a betta tank. A proper lighting schedule is important as it ensures that your betta fish gets a good amount of sleep during the night.