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Are African Dwarf Frog And Betta Fish Compatible?

African Dwarf Frog And Betta

Choosing a suitable tank mate for your betta fish may be challenging due to their territorial and aggressive temperament. While certain fish can be good tank mates with bettas, others will not coexist happily with them. So, are African dwarf frog and Betta compatible?

If you want to keep an African Dwarf Frog and Betta fish together in the same tank, you must meet specific requirements. In case one of them is being overly aggressive, you should remove the aggressor from the tank. It is more probable that your Betta will be the aggressor but do not count the dwarf frog out.

Can African Dwarf Frog And Betta Live Together?

Generally speaking, an African Dwarf frog and betta fish make good tank mates, although certain factors are considered. That is why some observations should be made earlier to help you understand better the behavior of these two creatures before putting them together.

African Dwarf frogs are quite interesting tank mates for your betta fish simply because they are not necessarily a fish, unlike most other tank mates. African Dwarf frog and Betta living together are more common than you think.

It is of great importance to know that the tank’s success depends solely on their temperament besides other factors. African dwarf frog and betta fish may coexist without any complications. The tank in which the two animals dwell should be large enough to accommodate them both.

African Dwarf frogs are regarded to be calm, gentle creatures who do not move much. On the other hand, Betta fish is a touch aggressive and territorial at first, but they eventually get along with Dwarf frogs.

African Dwarf Frogs can get along well with betta fish, even when kept in a tank. Because they like to mind their own business, these two aquatic species are unlikely to friction.

The fact that the African Dwarf frog is partially blind does not imply that the rest of its organs are also compromised. These frogs use their sense of smell to migrate from one location to another. Their acute sense of smell helps them find food and perform other essential functions that keep them alive.

African Dwarf Frog And Betta Fish: Compatiblity Factors

African Dwarf Frog

Water Temperature And pH Level

When deciding if two different species of aquatic creatures can coexist in your aquarium, one of the first things to examine is whether they can thrive in the same temperature and pH range. You may add a fish with your betta fish only to find out that it is incompatible with its tank mate.

African Dwarf Frogs require a temperature of 75 to 80°F and a pH of 7 or as close to neutral. On the other hand, Bettas prefer a temperature ranging between 76 and 82°F and a water pH between 6 and 8. Thus, there is a sufficient amount of overlap between the two requirements.

Tank Conditions

The first thing to check is that your tank does not exceed 12 inches in height. From floor to surface, your dwarf frog should be able to cover this height. To shorten the distance, add an extra inch or two of a substrate to the tank. Gravel is the best substrate for African dwarf frogs since it is tiny enough that their legs will not get stuck in it.

One African dwarf frog requires at least 1 gallon of water, although more is preferable. We would not recommend anything less than a 10-gallon tank because you will be housing at least 2 African dwarf frogs with a betta fish, which itself needs at least 3 gallons of water.

Make sure there are enough plants in your tank for your African dwarf frog and betta fish. The plants will provide a secure environment for your Betta and frogs, decreasing their stress. In the tank, you should also include several hiding spots.

Food Requirments

You will only notice an African dwarf frog becoming aggressive when it is time to feed it. Make sure that the betta fish is not consuming your African dwarf frog’s food. If this happens, they may become highly aggressive and attack your betta fish.

While bettas may consume various foods, including live food and pellets, you must give your frog pellets that sink to the bottom of the tank. Frozen food, such as frozen brine shrimp and blood worms, can be fed on occasion. These will settle to the bottom of the tank and be eaten by the dwarf frogs.

Aggression Between African Dwarf Frog And Betta Fish

Tank Conditions African dwarf frog and betta

A fight between an African Dwarf Frog and betta fish is not that common. This might be because African Dwarf frogs are half-blind. Their poor eyesight is one of the reasons why they are so peaceful and timid.

Betta fish have a variety of personalities, making it difficult to comprehend their aggressive behavior. Some are territorial and aggressive, while others are simply peaceful. Thus, betta fish vary in their personalities.

If your Betta is the source of the aggression, you should relocate him to a different tank. The African dwarf frog and betta fish will both be less stressed as a result of this. This might serve as a temporary home if you have a quarantine tank.

Male betta fish are more aggressive than female betta fish. If you think the male betta fish are too aggressive to live with the African Dwarf frog, you should consider getting a female betta fish. In the end, it will all depend on the temperament of the betta fish.

In some cases, African dwarf frog attacking betta fish can also be seen. Dwarf frogs are generally calm and peaceful, but they can be quite aggressive during the time of feeding. If it so happens that your betta fish tries to eat your frog’s food, the frog will undoubtedly attack your betta fish.

FAQs on Compatibility of Dwarf Frog And Betta Fish

How many African dwarf frogs with betta fish?

For a 10-gallon tank, you can keep two African dwarf frogs with a betta fish—three gallons of water for every dwarf frog.

Can African dwarf frogs jump out of the tank?

YES. African dwarf frogs can jump out of the tank if a proper lid is not attached to the tank. Moreover, a dwarf frog can live only up to 20 mins outside of a tank. Thus, you need to put the frog back in the tank as soon as possible.

Can African dwarf frogs live alone?

In a tank, you should always have at least two African dwarf frogs. This ensures that they do not become lonely or bored.

Will a betta kill an African dwarf frog?

A betta fish can certainly attack an African dwarf frog. Killing is a little extreme, but a betta fish can injure your frog if its temperament is terrible.

Final Thoughts

If you can fulfill certain conditions before adding, African dwarf frog and betta fish may live together in the same tank. While the African dwarf frog is peaceful and calm, the Betta fish is quite territorial and aggressive, but they eventually get along well.