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Do Betta Fish Like Music? Why or Why Not?

do betta fish like music

Betta fish are a highly popular pet fish. They are a wonderful sight to witness, with their bright colors and expressive stride as they surf the water tanks. It is undeniably viewed as a pet in a variety of households and workplaces. Do betta fish like music?

Do betta fish like music is a tricky question to answer. Some pet owners believe that their betta fish like and even groove to certain music. There is no proof that betta fish enjoy music. Betta is capable of hearing and recognizing some words. However, this does not imply that they appreciate music.

Do Betta Fish Hear Sounds?

Bettas have a pair of ears. Because the ears are covered in a thin layer of skin, we can not see them. Their heads have ears on both sides. Water is kept out of the ears by the skin. Betta’s hearing, on the other hand, is mostly affected by water.

Vibration causes the sound to be produced. There will be no sound if there is no vibration. The strings tremble when someone plays guitar. The surrounding air atoms also shake as a result of this vibration. We hear the sound because the vibration reaches our ears through the air atoms.

The same is true for fish. In the case of fish, however, the vibration is transmitted through water molecules. The vibrations caused by tapping on the aquarium’s glass force the adjacent water molecules to vibrate. This vibration reaches the fish’s ears via the water, letting them know that someone is around.

How to know if my Betta Fish Like Music?

There is a good possibility you have been playing your favorite type of music in front of your betta fish and listening to it one after the other. Whatever the case may be, there is one thing you must understand. There is no proof that betta fish like listening to music.

There is no reason to assume they despise it, on the other hand. Music and speech are little more than sound vibrations to them. They react to them in different ways. Even yet, playing gentle music on a low level and letting your betta fish move with all their adoration could be a good idea.

Making sound underwater is difficult. You can try shouting, but you will almost certainly have trouble. The same may be said about hearing. When we are underwater, we cannot hear as well as we can when we are on land.

The same is true when it comes to fish. Even if you chat to your betta often, it will most likely only comprehend a few words. Some bettas may learn to identify a few words with practice and patience. But this is not a typical situation.

As a result, even if you play music all day, the betta is unlikely to notice anything. However, if you are listening to particularly fast-paced music through a speaker and the speaker is pointed at the aquarium, it might harm your betta.

When betta fish are trained to listen to music, some owners have seen a really warm reaction from their fish. Betta fish appear to move to the beat of the music. For the owners, this is an incredible sight to witness. While the music is playing, some betta fish have been spotted swimming around the tank.

It is now impossible to tell if this is a result of excitement or a response. Thus, if you are still wondering do betta fish like music then the answer depends on you. If you feel your betta fish likes music then there is no harm in playing some tunes for your betta.

Is Sound Bad For A Betta Fish?

This is true for nearly all fish, not just betta. Fish have sensor points, much like humans, and they have five senses. These sensor points are called pressure-sensitive receptors. These sensors are found along a line on the body of the fish.

These Lateral Line receptors are extremely sensitive to vibration and other changes in the surrounding environment. For the betta, these receptors serve as both eyes and hearing. When you turn off the light, the betta fish will avoid each other and any decorations.

The receptors will not be able to do their work if there is a continual source of vibration near the tank. As a result, the betta will become blind in the dark and may collide with another fish or decoration, causing injury.

Similarly, unexpected loud noise is harmful to the betta fish. Betta fish may become stressed as a result of the abrupt vibration interfering with its sensors. As a result, the betta fish may attempt to leap out of the tank to escape the vibration.

Even though betta fish jumping out of the tank is quite common, it is not necessarily good. Betta fish do have a labyrinth organ that allows them to breathe atmospheric air for a short period of time. This does not mean that it will be fine.

A betta fish can survive outside water only for about 10 minutes. Therefore, if loud sounds force your betta fish to jump out of the aquarium it may end up in the death of your betta fish. Thus, make sure you do not have a source of loud sound near your betta tank.

FAQs on Do Betta Fish Like Music

What type of sound is bad for a betta fish?

The vibrations of water molecules allow fish to perceive sound. Now, if the water molecules vibrate too much (like in high-beat music), it might be harmful to the fish. This might make the fish feel uneasy and possibly damage them.

What kind of music does a betta like?

Though betta fish may be unresponsive to the type of music you play, it is best to play something extremely gentle and calming. Hard rock and metal music should be avoided since they might cause the betta fish to get stressed.

Do betta fish like when you talk to them?

Bettas are sensitive to the vibrations in water generated by noises like human voices, which some people interpret to indicate that your fish may learn to remember your voice and name. Betta fish may recognize your voice. It all depends on trial and error.

Do betta fish like piano music?

Maybe. Piano music may or may not affect your betta’s movements. Piano music is generally low-pitched. Therefore, piano music will not harm your betta fish.

Final Thoughts on Do Betta Fish Like Music

So do betta fish like music? Maybe. There is no definite answer to this question as there is not sufficient evidence to suggest that betta fish like music. However, there is no harm in playing music for your bettas as long as it is not too loud as it can harm your betta fish.