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[Resolved] Betta Fish Not Eating Problem

betta fish not eating

Betta fish are not that picky eaters as they are considered very aggressive eaters. They can eat anything that can fit in their mouth, that is roughly the size of its eyeball. Thus, it may seem like a problem when you notice your betta fish not eating.

You need not worry as there might be very several reasons why your betta fish is not eating, and it is pretty standard. There is an easy solution for every instance when your betta refuses to eat any food in most cases. Your betta fish may not be eating maybe because it is unaware that it is food that you are trying to feed it. A common reason behind betta fish not eating is that it simply does not like the food.

Causes Behind Betta Fish Not Eating

There might be several reasons behind betta fish not eating. Identifying the correct cause behind such behavior by the betta fish is crucial as the solution depends on the nature of the cause. Here are some of the most common reasons why your betta fish is not eating its food.

Identification Problem

One of the most common reasons for betta fish avoiding the food is that it does not even know that you are feeding it is food. A food identification problem is quite common in betta fish that have been bought just recently.

This happens because the former breeders of the betta fish may be feeding them a different kind of food as compared to yours. For instance, it may happen that the breeders used to provide the betta fish frozen live foods like shrimps and bloodworms. The betta fish will not identify your betta pellets and flakes as a source of food.

Picky Eaters

Although betta fish are not that picky eaters, it might happen that your betta fish is avoiding the food you have given it just because he does not like it. This usually happens when you try to change the diet plan of the betta fish to a new balanced diet.

However, before deciding whether this is the actual cause behind your betta fish not eating, you should conduct a test. If your betta fish refuses to eat the food you gave it, try feeding it what you used to give him. If he eats it without any hesitation, this might probably be the real reason behind such behavior by betta fish.


Betta Fish Not Eating Problem

Well, it is pretty ironic that the overfeeding may cause your betta fish to refuse any food. However, it is quite possible. It may so happen that you are feeding your betta fish and not realizing whether or not it is eating the food. So you keep on feeding it.

After a point, your betta fish’s stomach will be so complete that it will be physically unable to consume more food. So, you may notice some uneaten particles of the food floating in the water at this point. Seeing this, you may assume that your betta fish is not eating. However, in reality, this is not the case.


Several diseases can affect a betta fish. They are highly susceptible to various bacterial and fungal infections. One of the most common symptoms of such infections is loss of appetite and lethargy. Thus, if you see your betta fish not eating any food, it may be due to certain illnesses.

However, other signs may indicate that your betta fish is suffering from such infections. Thus, if you notice your betta fish not eating, do not immediately think it is because of some infection. But do not completely count out the possibility of a disease.

Other Factors

Other factors like the quality, the nature of the food, and water parameters can also be the reason behind a betta fish not eating. A portion of lousy quality food can lead your betta fish to avoid eating it. Or if the betta fish is being fed a food that is too frozen, then it may refuse to eat it. An inadequate water temperature can also cause lethargy and loss of appetite in a betta fish.

If betta fish not eating spitting food out is the case, then it may be because the food pieces are too big for the betta fish to swallow. Thus, such factors can also be the reason behind your betta fish not eating food and hiding.

You may also notice your betta fish not eating and making bubbles. Well, this is quite normal for a male betta fish who wants to mate. Betta fish tend to make bubbles when for the spawning process to begin. If the water parameters are not adequate, the betta fish may also stop eating.

Solutions For Betta Fish Not Eating

As stated earlier, the nature of the solution for betta fish not eating depends on its cause. Betta fish refusing to eat is a common occurrence, and this issue can be quickly resolved. Here are some of the solutions for betta fish avoiding eating food.

  • Continue feeding the same food to your betta fish until it finds out that it is actually edible. Keep another food source ready as you should not keep your betta fish starving for a long time. If your betta fish does not eat the food within 10 to 15 minutes then remove it.
  • Start adding varieties to your betta fish’s diet. If your betta fish is getting fussy, you may fast it for a couple of days. After this, he will readily start eating the diversified diet.
  • Make sure you are feeding the betta fish only once or twice per day and only that much amount that it can eat within 30 to 40 seconds. Prepare a proper feeding schedule for your betta fish to avoid overfeeding.
  • Check the water parameters regularly. Make sure to buy high quality betta food from credible sources. If you are feeding freeze-dried food then make sure to defrost the food first and then feed it to your betta fish.
  • Look for other symptoms of betta infections and start water treatment immediately.

FAQs on Betta Fish Not Eating Problem

How long can a betta fish go without eating?

A betta fish can go about ten days without being fed. However, it is not recommended to exceed 3 to 4 days as it can be fatal for your betta fish.

Why is my betta fish staying at the bottom of the tank and not eating?

If your betta stays at the bottom of the tank and does not eat, it may be due to inadequate water parameters and diseases like ammonia poisoning.

What do betta fish eat?

An ideal betta diet consists of quality betta flakes, betta pellets, daphnia, frozen brine shrimp, bloodworms, and mosquito larvae.

Final Thoughts

Thus, there might be several reasons behind your betta fish not eating. There is little to worry about as it is pretty standard and is easily treatable. Just make sure to identify the correct cause as the solution depends on it.