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All You Need To Know About Betta Mahachaiensis

Betta Mahachaiensis

Betta fish has become increasingly in demand for fish owners to pet. The superfluity of the subspecies they are available in makes them an attractive and delightful member of your tank family. Among the profusion of betta family categories, the most originally available betta species is betta mahachaiensis.

Betta mahachaiensis is although are similar to other betta genera. There exists a few distinct characteristics unique to this particular betta species. Hence, it has slightly varied tank parameters, water conditions, tank mates, diet requisites, and breeding conditions from the betta smaragdina or betta splendens. They are typically found in the south-western province of Bangkok, Samut Sakhon. That is where it has derived its name from. ‘Maha Chai’ is a place in the province of Samut Sakhon. In this post today, we will discuss how we can take care of an original, wild betta mahachaiensis.

Betta Mahachaiensis: About

Betta Mahachaiensis was initially considered a mixed progeny in the betta family. However, this newly discovered betta species was given a distinct recognition due to its wild nature. Due to its opalescent exterior and phenotypical characteristics, it was considered a part of betta splendens, but it is different in other aspects.

In its natural habitat, betta mahachaiensis can sustain black, salty water. This original habitat is characterized by Nipa palm, making it easy for them to hide, play, and consummate. Along with that, the Nipa palm’s phytotelmata gives them enough space to build their home. The shredded leaves on the water breed many microorganisms. These microorganisms act as food for this predatory species.

Compared to other betta fish, they are cheerful. Since they are used to the company of other fish in the wild, they are not that aggressive. But note that if you introduce all the tank members together, it will be a successful event. Or else you might give the betta the taste of its territorial nature.

Unlike every other betta, betta mahachaiensis are not colorful, blueish, reddish, or orangish in color. A black base body characterizes them with greenish-blue scales giving it a shimmering but subtle glow. This makes them partially invisible due to the camouflage of their color and their natural habitat.

The male betta mahachaiensis can grow up to 5.2 inches, and the female can go up to 4.8 inches in length. You will also find the distinction between the betta genders based on their color. MAle have the edge when it comes to glowing, vibrant colors. Females are usually dull.

It is evident that they are different from other betta species and require special care.

Taking Care Of Betta Mahachaiensis:

Betta fish are simple to care for. They’re demanding little to no maintenance and don’t demand much attention. A betta mahachaiensis is also easy to care for. You can give your fish a prolonged and prosperous lifespan if you use the correct tank settings. Even though betta subspecies range in color, they all involve primary care.

Tank Requisites:

The particular species dwell in the dark typically; hence we would suggest not to install unwanted lights. This will make the tank more similar to its natural surroundings. With that, you will move a step closer to replicating its natural element. Besides, you can add toys, games, logs, rings, plants to keep your tank active.

Use a tank with a minimum of 5 gallons. Choose a ‘wide aquarium’ if possible. They are surface breathers and hence swim on the surface level only. For a couple, you’ll need a tank with a minimum capacity of 20 gallons.

Do remember to include a lid. This maintains a high amount of moisture in the air, allowing the betta to breathe at a surface level and, most importantly, preventing them from leaping out of your aquarium. Betta doesn’t have a lot of options when it comes to the substrate. Sand or gravel can be used as a substrate with no problems.

Water Quality:

Betta Mahachaiensis demands a water condition of 70-84 Fahrenheit and a pH ratio of 5.5-8.0. This is because they have a natural ingredient to resist excessive pH levels. Although they are generally unconcerned about the pH level, it’s often advisable to supply basic tank specifications to ensure a long and healthy life for your betta.

Although this betta lives in salty water, we recommend using tap water instead of replicating its natural habitat. They wouldn’t be harmed by tap water. Saltwater may be harmful to them because few aquarium plants thrive in salty water.

Dietary Needs:

Like every other living being, a balanced diet is necessary for a betta mahachaiensis. A betta diet must be a balanced combination of proteins, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients for a healthy life. Since the betta is a carnivore, one must feed it live bloodworms, shrimp, daphnia. You can also feed them flakes or pellets.

They have a vulnerable appetite and tend to grab anything they can eat. Hence, do not overfeed them. Feed them twice a day in small quantities for a healthy lifestyle.

Betta Mahachaiensis vs Betta Smaragdina:

BasisBetta MahachaiensisBetta Smaragdina
Fin sizeThey have a smaller fin sizeThey have a relatively larger fin size
Aggression Proportionately less aggressiveExcess aggression can’t stand anyone in its territory.
Scale They don’t have scales per se. It is more like platesScales all over the face and body
PatternsHave single line type platesSnake-like scale pattern
Ventral and tip colorsThey are restricted to combinations of blue, green, and blackCan have orange, red, blue ventrals or tip

FAQs on Betta Mahachaiensis

What is betta mahachaiensis lifespan?

They have a longer lifespan compared to other bettas. They can live for around 5 to 7 years on average.

How much does a betta mahachaiensis cost?

The price for them is not high. They cost approximately in the range of $3-$5.

Can betta mahachaiensis live together?

Betta mahachaiensis are comparatively less aggressive, but males tend to lose their temper and attack tank mates. Hence, it is best to keep them in isolation.

Where to buy betta mahachaiensis online?

One can buy betta mahachaiensis online on the following sites:
– eBay
– Indiamart
– Srinibettafishes
– Aquastore

Final Thoughts:

While betta mahachaiensis are slightly different from other betta species, they require similar tank conditions. They can withstand harsh water quality due to their natural build-up, but you must provide your fish with good filtration and a heater in the tank for a prolonged lifeline. With all contingent variables taken into account, you will not have to worry about your betta’s life.