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Most Expensive Betta Fish In The World

most expensive betta

Betta fish have grown in popularity day by day, and it is rightfully so owing to their vibrant colored fins and elongated bodies. They are not only low maintenance but are also quite cheap to purchase. However, some varieties of bettas are relatively more expensive. Here we will discuss some of the most expensive betta fish globally.

Even though betta fish are pretty in demand, they are pretty cheap if you plan to buy them from any pet store. However, there are always exceptions. Generally speaking, the price of a betta fish depends on its color and pattern. If the color is relatively more unique or rarer in nature, then it is but obvious that these bettas will be priced a little higher than usual. Some of the most expensive betta fish are crowntail, plakat, wild bettas, and half-moon.

Some Of The Most Expensive Betta Fish

As stated earlier, some betta fish are priced relatively higher owing to the rarity in their designs and colors. There are many exhibitions of such rare and beautiful bettas conducted around the globe. People who attend these conventions pay high prices for the showcased bettas.

There are over 70 different varieties of betta fish. Not all of them are rare. Some are pretty common, while some species are very hard to locate in your regular pet store. Naturally, the prices are hiked for such kinds of bettas. Besides the retail value, the cost of rearing should also be taken into account.

Keeping that in mind, let us discuss in detail some of the most expensive betta fish in the market.

Crowntail Betta Fish

Crowntail Betta Fish

Crowntail betta fish, though relatively more common, is one of the most attractive betta fish. They come in a variety of different colors and patterns. The thing that makes the crowntail betta fish unique and different from other bettas is its tail.

Crowntail bettas have, in fact, the most extended tail in the whole betta family. The tails of a crowntail betta fish are so long that there is practically no difference between the tails and the fins. They also come in three different varieties: crossed rays, double, and single.

However, they are extremely susceptible to various kinds of bacterial and fungal diseases that may affect the fins and the tail of a betta fish. Thus, crowntail bettas require constant care. With its different color combinations, long tail, and delicacy, the crowntail betta fish deserves its spot as one of the most expensive betta fish out there.

Cost Range

It can cost about $500 to $1500 to buy and nurture a crowntail betta fish. The purchase price depends on the betta fish’s color and scarcity.

Plakat Betta Fish

Plakat Betta

Plakat betta fish may be the most expensive betta fish on this list, and they are rightfully so. They come in several different color combinations. Moreover, they are also one of the most active swimmers you will ever encounter in the betta family.

Their fins are relatively shorter and closer to the body. This allows them to appear comparatively bigger than your average betta fish. Apart from the intricate exterior, a plakat betta possesses, the thing that makes this betta the most unique is the variety of colors these fish are available in, making it among some of the most expensive betta fish.

Cost Range

It can cost you over $1500 to purchase a plakat betta fish from a dealer. This price can easily be more depending on the rarity of the color of the betta fish. Besides the purchase cost, the cost of nurturing them is also substantial.

Wild Betta Fish

Betta splendens are the most common betta breeds available for purchase. Comparing betta splendens to wild bettas, a wild betta fish is relatively more expensive than your average betta splenden. This is the varieties in which wild bettas are available in the market.

Additionally, many betta varieties are selectively bred by experienced breeders to get additional and more attractive colors. However, as the name suggests, wild bettas are entirely natural. The authenticity with different ramifications makes wild bettas one of the most expensive betta fish.

Cost Range

Some varieties like Hendra, imbellis and almarginata can go up to $150 to $300. The cost of rearing is not included in this.

Half Moon Betta Fish

Half Moon Betta Fish

Another name that comes to mind while talking about some of the most expensive betta fish in the world is the half-moon betta fish. They are called “half-moon” because of their unique yet stunning tail shape. Their tail is so wide that they make a full 180 degrees angle.

Additionally, unlike other betta fish, in the case of a half-moon betta fish, the male betta is relatively duller in color compared to the female one. However, they do not come in a lot of color varieties. Half-moon bettas generally come in a reddish color. Regardless of the lack of varieties, this betta is among the most expensive betta fish around the globe.

Cost Range

It can cost you about $200 to $300 to purchase a half-moon betta fish, including the rearing expenses.

Most Expensive Betta Fish Ever Sold

Having elucidated on some of the most expensive betta fish in the world, you might wonder what is the most expensive betta. In 2016, a betta fish was sold for around $1530 at an online auction. The sold fish was a plakat betta fish and showed a color combination that somewhat resembled the color of the Thai national flag.

FAQs On Most Expensive Betta

What is the rarest betta color?

– Albino
– Green
– Purple
– Yellow

How expensive can bettas get?

Normally, a betta fish will cost you $5 to $20. The price depends on the rarity of that particular betta fish.

Are pink bettas rare?

YES. It is extremely challenging to find a genetically pure pink-colored betta fish. However, you may find certain lookalikes that appear to be pink.

Final Thoughts

We have discussed in detail some of the most expensive betta fish in the world. You do not necessarily need to purchase expensive bettas. They are highly-priced just because of their rarity and not because they are relatively more attractive. So, ignore the unnecessary price tags and go for a betta that you find attractive.