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5 Tips On How To Keep A Betta Fish Happy

how to keep a betta fish happy

There is a reason why betta fish are becoming significantly in demand by pet owners. It is because of their enthusiastic personality. They are hostile and territorial fish; therefore, it’s best to keep them alone in a tank. However, this might cause sometimes this loneliness could make them happy. Hence, knowing how to keep a betta fish happy is essential.

Even if kept alone, Betta fish can be kept entertained and active through various practices. For instance, one can always introduce aquarium toys like rings, hoops, or mirrors for their betta. Likewise, live plants, floating logs, tiny objects for a betta to hide can make them enthusiastic now and then. Above all, the healthy habitat that matches the typical environment betta fish resides in will make betta fish even happier. This post today will take a deep look into the question of how to keep a betta fish happy?

How To Keep A Betta Fish Happy: Sad Or Happy?

If you want to know how to keep a betta fish happy, you must first be able to figure out whether or not your betta fish is at all not satisfied with the tank conditions you provide them with. Here are a few indications that will assure you that your betta fish is not happy.

  • Your betta fish will lose the gaudy edge of its pigmentation. They will have a pale and dull exterior.
  • Observing stripes on their body is another sign of melancholy in betta.
  • Your betta fish will lose its desire to feed. Betta’s generally have a vast appetite. They will grab any food they can. In fact, overfeeding is a major issue in betta fish. If your betta fish is not ingesting less or nothing at all, it is a sign of being sick or stressed in betta.
  • They tend to clamp or fasten their fins when theyy are anxious or unhappy about something in the tank.
  • Observing is necessary when it comes to betta. If you notice your betta swimming in irregular or unsual patterns they might be unhappy.

5 Tips On How To Keep A Betta Fish Happy?

Just knowing your betta fish is unhappy is not enough. It would help if you acted on it. Hence, we have carefully listed down a few ways to keep a betta fish happy. Let’s get on with it.

The Tank

The foremost factor that can answer how to keep a betta fish happy is tank conditions. Firstly, even though most pet store owners would suggest that a fishbowl is enough for your betta, we believe the opposite. Betta is territorial and hence requires enough space to swim and feel comfortable.

Therefore, do not settle for anything less than a 5-gallon tank. Purchase a 5-gallon tank, and if you keep a tank mate, make sure you purchase at least a 15-gallon tank. There should be proper filtration and a heater in the tank to keep the water quality in check. A sand or gravel substrate would suffice.

Timely cleaning is essential for a healthy betta, or else it would become sick and will not survive much longer. The current must be gentle as well so that your betta does not get swayed away. Replicating its natural south Asian habitat is your objective. Use live plants as well, with not many lights because they typically dwell in the dark.

The Water Quality

A betta fish requires a water temperature ranging between 75 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. This is because they are tropical fish. The pH level should be between the range of 6.5 to 7.5. You must install a heater to keep the water quality and conditions in check. The best solution to keeping a betta fish happy is appropriate water quality.

They also prefer water with moderate salinity, implying a reasonable degree of soluble elements. Another factor to bear in mind is that nitrate and ammonium should not be there in the tank. Any water quality fluctuations might send betta into shock, and they will be anxious and sick.

It is also preferable to purchase a long and not in height tank. Betta fish are surface breathers, and that is why they have a unique set of labyrinth organs to assist them to breathe air. This way, you ensure them a healthy life along with a happy life.

Tank Decorations

Tank decorations are essential when it comes to betta fish. Since they like to stay alone, you must provide them with something to keep them active and occupied. Tank decorations and toys are pretty much the most significant answer to keeping a betta fish happy.

What makes us happy? To enjoy life now and then. Likewise, with live plants and toys in the tank, betta enjoys its life and stays happy throughout. You can add caves and logs so that betta can hide and play with them. They also like to hide behind the plants and shrubs, so make sure there are enough of them.

There are toys like balls, rings, hammocks, laser pointers, and mirrors that are your go-to move on keeping a betta fish happy. However, an essential thing should be kept in mind. Ensure that the toys you choose do not have sharp edges or chemicals that could harm your betta. Sharp edges could easily damage betta fish’s fins.

Location Of The Tank

Betta fish, like humans, don’t like to stare at empty places all day. It wants to see people around itself and get pampered all day long. It likes action now and then. Betta fish are observant of the world outside their tank. Hence keeping it in a room where many people visit now and then will keep it happy.

But pay attention to the lighting here. Do not keep your tank under direct sunlight, raising the temperature of the water and sending betta into sudden shocks. Frequent water temperature changes are indeed not an answer to keeping a betta fish happy.


Betta fish is a carnivorous fish that feeds on bloodworms or insect and mosquito larvae in the wild. It needs a rich protein diet and a variety in the routine. Therefore, feeding them pellets or flakes every day might bore them in confinement and make them sad.

Adding live food to its diet will meet its dietary requirements and excite them. But do not overfeed them. Once or twice a day, feeding is more than enough. A variation in diet makes humans happy. Likewise, a variation in diet is a decent answer to how to keep a betta fish happy.

FAQs on How To Keep A Betta Fish Happy

Will single betta fish be happy?

Their extremely territorial personality does not make single betta fish sad. Nevertheless, they might get bored now and then. Hence knowing how to make a betta fish happy is necessary.

Do betta fish get excited to see you?

Betta fish are observant fish. They recognize their owners quite quickly and understand their feeding routine. So if you approach the tank, they will likely get excited.

Do betta fish flare when they are happy?

Yes, they do. But note that not all bettas do that. It depends on betta to the betta. IF your betta fish does not flare up when they see you, it does not mean they are unhappy.

Final Thoughts on How To Keep A Betta

This is what we have to say about keeping a betta fish happy. All we want to say is stay healthy, tank conditions water parameters, and add enough plants, shrubs, toys, objects so that your betta fish does not feel bored or lethargic.