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Complete Guide to The Elive Betta Bubble Tank

elive betta bubble

Choosing a perfect tank for both the betta fish and the betta fish owner is a challenging task. So are you looking for an attractive and blending tank for your household or your office? Well, we have got you covered. If you want something unique for your betta fish, then the Elive Betta Bubble is the way to go.

What makes the Elive Betta Bubble unique is that it is more than just a standard tank for your betta fish. It comes with a space for you to add natural or artificial plants, a preinstalled LED lighting system, compact size, and a beautiful and comfortable home for your betta fish. The great thing about the Elive Betta Bubble is that it is not like your regular betta tank with a rectangular view. It is in the form of a glass bubble that makes it easy to maintain and looks quite attractive.

Elive Betta Bubble: Detailed Analysis

Product Overview

If you are looking for a betta tank that is easy to maintain, has a unique and compact design, and has many complimentary features, then the Elive Betta Bubble is the way to go. Its ideal dome design makes sure that the betta fish is provided with a habitable environment and is easy to clean.

The Elive Betta Bubble aquarium is suitable for both residential and official areas. It contains a high-quality 0.75-gallon glass bowl and a battery-operated LED light with a 4-hour timer, making it a distinctive showy centerpiece.

The planter that comes with the Elive Betta Bubble can be used as both a place to plant artificial or natural plants and a suitable space to keep your stationery using the Desktop Organizer that also comes with the Elive Betta Bubble. The planter itself includes a water collection cup and a drain hole for further assistance.

Thus, if you look at it, the Elive Betta Bubble can make a perfect fit for your surrounding space owing to its compact and attractive design and manufacturing. Some of the most prominent and noteworthy features of the betta bubble are as follows.

  • Compact design – Perhaps the most noticeable and useful feature of the Elive Betta Bubble is its design which is what makes the product different from other products in the market. It comes in the form of 0.75 gallon glass bowl that not only makes it easy to manage but also is suitable for a betta fish.
  • Multi-use planter – Besides the glass bowl, the Betta Bubble also comes with a planter that can serve two purposes for the price of one. It can be used to plant real or artificial plants. It can also be used as a stationery holder for your office as it comes with the desktop organizer.
  • LED lighting – It also comes with preinstalled sets of LED lighting. The lights are powered can be powered by a battery or a USB. It includes a 4-hour light timer that serves as a great night light.
  • Easy installation – The bubble also comes with a proper beginner’s guide to set up the Elive Betta Bubble. It is fairly easy to install and is also quite easy to maintain over the long run. It also contains a water collection cup that collects any extra water that you may add in your planter to prevent overflow.

Customer Reviews

People who have used and properly examined the Elive Betta Bubble have left positive reviews for the product’s working. Customers have said that the product proved to be a great gift idea and perfectly fit the surrounding residential or official space.

Even though some people faced problems with the lighting system and the bubble did not contain a proper lid, overall, people appeared to be pleased with the product, and we would recommend buying it.

What Makes It Unique?

Various factors make it quite evident that the Elive Betta Bubble is a unique product and quite different from other products in the market. With its complementary features and its one-of-a-kind compact design, it is worth buying.

Here are some of the aspects that make the Elive Betta Bubble different from other betta tanks.

  • Features complement each other – With its 0.75 gallon glass bowl, a multi-use planter or desktop organizer, and battery or USB powered LED lighting system, the Elive Betta Bubble certainly leaves its mark as a unique product that has a lot to offer to its users.
  • Makes a good gift – Confused what to buy your colleague for a special occasion? The Elive Betta Bubble will make a great gift with its unique and attractive design. They make great center pieces and really brings out the beauty in the room. It can be set up in both residential and official areas.
  • Other factors – The betta bubble also comes with a battery and USB powered LED lights, a drain hole, and a water collection cup. The cup ensures that any extra water poured in the planter gets collected to prevent any sort of overflow. You can use either a 3 AA battery or a USB port to power your lights.

Pros & Cons

– Easy to maintain and clean– Does not come with a proper lid
– Battery or USB powered LED lights– Battery not included to power the lights
– Includes desktop organizer to keep stationery– Can host only one betta fish
– Comes with a planter to add plants– May be expensive relative to the bubble size
– Easy to set up
– Drain hole and water collection cup included
– May prove to be a good gift

FAQs On Elive Betta Bubble

Can betta fish live in a 0.75-gallon tank?

YES. A betta fish can live in a 0.75-gallon tank as long as the water parameters are close to optimum and periodical water changes are conducted.

How many betta fish can you keep in a 0.75-gallon tank?

It would help if you did not keep more than one betta fish in a 0.75-gallon tank. No other fish must be kept with a betta fish in such a small tank as it will increase the bioload in the tank.

Is Elive Betta Bubble good for betta fish?

The Elive Betta Bubble can prove to be a good home for your betta fish if proper care is taken of it. The bubble also looks great in almost any place you keep it in, be it a household or an office.

Final Thoughts

Thus, if you are looking for a small and attractive home for your betta fish, then the Elive Betta Bubble is ideal. It not only has a compact design, but also it comes with unique features that complement each other well.