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Setup Divided Betta Tank With Ease

Divided Betta Tank

Betta fish is generally kept alone in a single tank as they are highly aggressive, territorial, and prefer to be alone. Owing to its temperament, two betta fishes cannot be kept in a single tank. But there is a solution. A divided betta tank is what you need if you want two or more betta fish.

A divided tank is not less than a community tank for your betta fish. The only difference between the two is that a divided tank has a divider in the middle, and only one part of the tank is dedicated to a fish. A divided betta tank is fairly easy to set up, and maintaining it is no different than a regular betta tank.

How To Set Up A Divided Betta Tank

Setting up a divided tank for your betta fish can be done in two ways. You can make the divider yourself using a plastic canvas mesh, or you can purchase a tank that already has an aquarium dividing system. Some people prefer making the divider themselves.

Making a tank divider is not that hard a job, and many people do it. Setting up your own divider in a tank allows you to keep multiple fishes in your tank and is a more economical and cheaper option. You can make a fine divider using a plastic mesh easily available in your nearest craft store.

Aside from purchasing the plastic canvas, it would help to buy binder splines to seal the divider to your tank. These splines are also pretty cheap and are easily available. Just make sure that you take your time and follow the instructions correctly.

Besides making a divider of your own, you can also purchase an aquarium that already comes with a divider. This kind of tank setup is readily available in any aquatic pet store and is quite reasonable. Although, purchasing such a ready-made product might cost you more than the previous method.

Also, make sure that if you are making the tank divider on your own, then try looking for plastic mesh that is a little darker in color. This makes sure that the visibility between the two fish is at its minimum thereby reducing the stress level in both the betta fish.

Conditions For A Divided Betta Tank

Once you have prepared a divider for your betta tank, you can bind it to your tank. This divides your aquarium into two parts for your two betta fishes. After having done this, it is time to figure out how to manage this new tank setup.

Managing water filtration and heating may be a little tricky in a divided betta tank, but it is not impossible. The water filtration system should be efficient in its working and set up so that both the parts of the water are equally filtered and cleaned.

The same goes for the water heater. As we all know, betta fish thrive in water temperatures ranging between 76 and 82 degrees F. Thus, a heater becomes necessary to keep the water warm and habitable for your betta fish. You need to add the heater in such a way as to heat both parts of the tank equally.

Here are some things to look into after setting up a divided betta tank for your betta fish.

Filtration And Heating System

As mentioned earlier, water filtration and heating system need to be added in such a way so that their effects are equalized between the two sections of the tank water. You can add one or two such systems to assure proper water quality and current in both parts of your tank.

The number of filters and heaters to add in a divided betta tank depends on the tank size. For instance, if your tank is about 10 gallons, then one heater should suffice. But in case the tank is of 15 or 20 gallons then two heaters are necessary for each part of the tank.

In water filtration, two small-sized filtration systems are recommended for each section of the tank. Sponge filters will be the best fit for your divided betta tank as it keeps the water current low and is also effective.

Tank Size

You need to understand that when we talk about tank size in the case of a divided betta tank, we talk about the length and not the height of the tank. If you plan to set up a divided tank for your betta fish, then it is advisable to get a lengthy and shallow tank.

A high tank can cause betta fish to jump from one side of the tank to the other, and this is the last thing you would want in a divided tank. Thus, make sure that the divider continues about two inches above the water surface to avoid jumping of betta.


In case one of your betta fish is sick, the water may be contaminated. Do not make the mistake of assuming that the other fish would be just fine. If one fish is sick, likely, the other is also sick if water condition is the real cause.

Thus, if you see any sign of contamination in the tank water, immediately prepare a quarantine tank for both your betta fishes. Do a thorough cleaning and filtering of water in the betta tank. Only after completing the water cycle, add both the fishes back to the divided betta tank.


After completing the tank setup for your betta fish, examine the behavior and activities of both your betta fishes. You may notice some agitation during the first few days but do not worry. Once they get used to the conditions, the betta fish will behave normally.

If you see any sign of over-aggression and stress in either fish, immediately transfer it to a backup tank. If stress levels are too high in your betta fish, it may ultimately lead to the death of your fish.

Top 3 Best Betta Tank Divider

There are many tank dividers in the market, but dividers for a divided betta tank are different. Dividers for betta tanks must be darker in color to avoid visibility between betta fishes. Dividers can be purchased ready-made or can be hand-made.

Several companies offer such aquarium dividers, but the following three are the most popular and efficient.

1. Aqueon Aquarium Divider

Being a product manufactured by Aqueon, you can rest assured that the product is of the highest quality. The Aqueon Aquarium Divider is a lightweight and durable tank divider that can keep two betta fishes in a single tank.

It is also dark in color, thereby reducing visibility between the two bettas. The divider is made so that it can allow aquatic plants to grow alongside it. It also has sufficient pores to condition both sides of the tank equally.

✅ Lightweight and durable divider.❌ Compatible with Aqueon tanks only.
✅ Dark color to reduce visibility.
✅ Pores for equal condition.

2. Dophin Betta Tank Divider

The Dophin betta tank comes with a movable divider to keep two betta fishes in one tank. It also provides an uninterrupted view of both the betta fishes. It also comes with a bottom stopper which allows easy water change.

✅ Movable & durable divider.-❌ Divider is not completely opaque.
✅ Comes with a bottom stopper.
✅ Provides an uninterrupted view.

3. Petzlifeworld Plastic Tank Divider

The Petzlifeworld is no ordinary tank divider. It comes with a tank divider and comes with suction clips to hold the tank divider in place. The divider is considerably dense to reduce visibility.

This divider will be a good fit for your divided betta tank as it is made up of plastic and is highly durable. This product is also one of the best-selling products in the market.

✅ Plastic-made durable divider.❌ The bettas still might see each other.
✅ Comes with suction clips.
✅ Dense divider to reduce visibility.

FAQs on How to Setup Divided Betta Tank With Ease

Is a divided betta tank good for a betta?

A divided betta tank can be good and safe for your betta fish as long as you meet the required conditions. Just make sure that the visibility through the divider is as low as possible.

Can you keep a male betta and a female betta together in a divided tank?

YES. You can keep a male and a female betta fish in a divided tank. But extra caution must be taken in this case as male bettas are particularly aggressive. So make sure that the divider is strong and sufficiently opaque.

Is a divided betta tank harmful to a betta?

Not particularly. A divided tank can be harmful to your betta only if the water quality is bad. This may happen due to inefficient filtration and heating systems in the tank. Otherwise, a divided tank poses no such harm to your betta.

Final Thoughts

Thus, if you want to keep two or more bettas together in one large tank, then a divided betta tank is the way to go. It not only offers solitary to your bettas but also allows you to keep multiple bettas in one tank.