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Is Bettafix A Good Product? Answered!


Having a betta pet can be a headache sometimes due to the hypersensitivity of the fish and higher exposure to the risk of contracting any fish disease. Your betta fish can easily catch a bacterial or fungal infection through the microbes present in the tank. To treat the infections, bettafix comes to your rescue.

Bettafix is known for treating bacterial and fungal infections in betta fish. Not treating any infection in betta timely can be fatal and deadly in betta. Hence, it becomes vital for a betta fish owner to know all about the treatments available for the condition. Any open wound or bruise left untreated or stressed due to inadequate tank conditions or water quality could trigger bacterial and fungal infections in betta. Bettafix is a medication that is commonly used to treat Bettas. This solvent medication destroys harmful germs, helping the fish to recuperate more quickly. As a result, we’ve written this bettafix review. Let us begin by learning about the product.

What Is Bettafix?

API Bettafix Betta Medication - 1.7 oz (93B)
5,721 Reviews
API Bettafix Betta Medication - 1.7 oz (93B)
  • All natural
  • Betta medication
  • Heals damaged fins and skin

Bettafix is an API-branded antibacterial and antifungal fish treatment that treats illnesses in betta fish. API bettafix infection medication is the best solution to quickly repair destroyed fins and tissue. It’s simple to keep a magnificent, colorful, and enthusiastic fish such as betta active and happy in the tank using API products.

API has been developing creative, research-based solutions for over 50 years to help you take care of your fish. It is often sold in 1.7-ounce vials, which should be sufficient to treat any potentially pathogenic infection in a betta fish. This potent antimicrobial cure encourages injured fins and flesh to regrow quickly.

Applying it to cure sores, mouth infection, fin, tail rotting, red sores, greasy spots, or cotton-like extensions that are cotton wool disease in your fish is a clear indicator of infection. It can also be utilized to treat injuries and skin damage incurred by mishandling the betta or during a tank fight.

Bettafix Ingredients:

Melaleuca is a type of tea tree that is known for its medicinal properties, which are present in this medicine. Generally, people are always worried about the side effects of any medicine on your betta due to its sensitive nature. Nevertheless, with bettafix, one need not fear any negative impacts.

API bettafix uses all-natural ingredients and is, therefore, no doubt a 100% safe product. It does not contain any stimulants or artificial additives, which has even the slightest probability of being detrimental to your betta. Melaleuca is scientifically proven to be not only practical but also beneficial in your betta.

How To Use Bettafix?

It’s a simple technique to use. It’s as simple as pouring it into the tank water. When the betta fish is immersed in the Bettafix, the medication enters the bloodstream through the mouths, lungs, and minor cuts. The instructions for using the product to treat bacterial and fungal illnesses in your betta are outlined below.

  • 9 droplets per pint of aquarium water or 18 droplets per quarter of tank water should be used.  In the case of a tank half a teaspoon per gallon of water would be more than sufficient
  • Dosage should be repeated every day for up to a week. 
  • Replace the water within 7 days.
  • If required, the treatment might be continued. Only for use with tropical fish, such as betta. 

Treatments Bettafix Offers:

Here is a list of conditions bettafix has successfully reported to cure.

Fin Rot

Fins seem tattered and torn in this condition. The disease may advance until the fins and tails are entirely ruined.

Malawi Belly and Dropsy

The fluid accumulation in the fish’s stomach causes the fish to seem inflated. Scales on the flanks of betta may tend to protrude. Fish lose their capability to move and may hang upturned in severe cases.

Body Slime

The eyes become hazy or bulge from the forehead. On the bellies of betta, foggy or slippery areas emerge. If parasites are present, betta may scrape at aquarium surfaces and display fast respiration.

Saddleback Disorder

On the fin and mouths of betta, elevated grey spots can be seen. Affected areas might turn red and poison the lungs, resulting in gasping for oxygen and eventually the swift death of your betta.


Flitting in the tank and rubbing on the sand and decoration are apparent indicators of this infection in betta. Betta fish with difficulty breathing may stay close to the filters and air pumps equipment or at the edge of the water. White dots on the betta may or may not be seen through the naked eye. 

Betta fix Customer Reviews:

The best indicator of whether a product is good or bad is the experience of the product that people share. Customer reviews of bettafix have been nothing but positive since its inception. Customers say they are extremely grateful for the product to save their betta’s life.

Customers are happy with the effects of the medicine on their sick and injured betta. Some customer reviews even state that API bettafix is the best in the market. However, some customers were not happy about the algae problems caused due to the presence of live plants in the tank.

Customers also reported to have no side effects from the product and cure their betta’s of the illness they were suffering through. Bettafix has helped revive the enthusiastic fish the betta owners bought from their lethargic and sick state. Note that it is suitable only for freshwater diseases. One should not use it as a permanent ingredient in the tank.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How long should you use bettafix?

Bettafix should be used on average for seven days. If you observe that your betta is showing no or slow improvement, consult a professional after continuing the course for a few more days.

Which is better, melafix or bettafix?

Melafix is designed for reef and marine fishes, which are even more sensitive than betta. However, bettafix is specifically formulated for betta fish, which is why it is named bettafix.

Does Bettafix treat swim bladder?

It might not. It completely depends on the stage of the condition your betta is in. If you treat swim bladder during its early stages, bettafix might successfully treat your betta.

Does Bettafix treat ich?

Yes, it does. It can help your betta fish from the parasitic infection and bring it back to its enthusiastic phase.

Can bettafix be used on other fish?

Yes, you can. However, if and only if they are tropical and freshwater fish, one can expect the medicine to be beneficial. Or else you can use melafix

Final Thoughts:

Bettafix might have paradoxical reviews by the customers, but if used appropriately and adequately, it will be nothing but beneficial for your betta. If you treat your betta falsely without any condition, these medicines will certainly backfire. However, if your betta is seriously suffering from a bacterial, fungal, or parasitic infection, bettafix is indeed the best fix available.