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[Answered] Do Betta Fish Need An Air Pump?

do betta fish need an air pump

Betta fish is sensitive to its water quality. Hence, now and then, you will find betta fish owners worrying about what is essential for their fish and its tank. Likewise, the air pump is a device that aims to provide oxygenated water to your betta through surface water turbulence. Do betta fish need an air pump?

The straightforward answer is no. Betta fish does not need an air pump. Nevertheless, installing one would be great for a few reasons. Typically betta is a survivor in the wild. It can withstand harsh and rugged climates and still thrive. But this does not mean that they should be kept this way. Besides, with the evolution of betta by breeders, they are rarely taken from their natural habitat for pet purposes. Hence, they are less used to their wild habitat. They have a unique set of organs called labyrinth organs to help them breathe oxygen. So is the answer to do betta fish need an air pump no? Let’s look into it.

What Is An Air Pump?

An air pump generates surface agitation by generating gas bubbles that ascend to the water’s top. The oxygen from the atmosphere on the surface dissolves into the tank water, causing the surface disturbance. It accomplishes this by pumping oxygen dissolved water to the base of the tank for your betta and transferring the carbonated water from the base to the surface. 

The air pump sucks air from the atmosphere and forces it into the air pipe when it is switched on. The air pipe is connected to an air stone, which transfers the oxygenated air via bubbles. These bubbles ascend to the top, agitating the water and absorbing air from the surface. For fish to breathe, there must be enough absorbed oxygen.

So the real question still exists, do betta fish need an air pump?

Do Betta Fish Need An Air Pump?

What betta fish needs good, oxygenated, and superior quality tank water to survive. It might so happen that your filter is agitating the surface level of the water, helping in the circulation of oxygenated water. At the same time, you do not want your water to be moving much because the stream might affect the swimming patterns of your betta. In this case, your answer to do betta fish need an air pump might be no.

The labyrinth organ of a betta is the fundamental rationale why air pumps aren’t required in betta aquariums. Bettas do not need to inhale via their gills because of the labyrinth organ. They can rather swim to the tank water level to consume oxygen.

The labyrinth organ is made up of two tiny plates that are located directly atop the gills and are made by the first-vascularized gill’s outgrowth. This organ aids in the immediate absorption of oxygen into the blood circulation. That’s why your betta can go without water for a limited amount of time. It may absorb oxygen from the air for a short length of time if it is humid.

To give a brief about do betta fish need an air pump, it does not, but it is recommended.

When Do Betta Fish Need An Air Pump?

There are a couple of times why an air pump for your betta aquarium can be useful, whether you’re keeping your betta in a community tank or solitary. Here are a few cases when doing betta fish need an air pump.

Sick Betta 

The most popular piece of suggestion for managing a sick betta fish is to elevate the water temperature. However, increasing the water temperature hurts the oxygen content. The tank’s oxygen concentrations will be reduced as the temperature rises.

It’s also important to make sure there’s sufficient oxygen in the water while nursing a sick fish. It will assist your betta in recovering quickly. As a result, the answer to do betta fish needs an air pump will be yes. In fact, a necessity for a sick betta. An air pump can be advantageous in such situations to retain the water oxygenated without affecting the temperature.

Medicines In The Tank Water

You should employ an air pump if you are utilizing medication to treat a sick betta. As an adverse reaction, several drugs deplete the oxygen content in the tank. Your betta will start to choke if you don’t have an air pump during these situations. Mostly, the labyrinth organ takes care of it.

However, some disorders that affect your betta’s swimming activity, such as swim bladder disease, may prevent your betta from swimming to the summit for air.

Prevention Is Always Better

An additional incentive to purchase an air pump is for a preventative measure. An air pump can maintain the water aerated with oxygen if your filtration ever fails. Here do betta fish need an air pump is quite evident. You’ll still need to replace the water on a routine basis. Nonetheless, until you have a new filter, air pumps may be a reasonable option.

Do Betta Like Air Pump?

We have concluded that bettas do not need an air pump. However, staying in confinement can be monotonous for your betta, and the bubbles generated from the air pump can be a fun activity for your betta. Betta fish like to play with and hide behind toys, logs, filters, etc. It makes it feel like it is in its natural habitat.

Hence, your betta might like having an air pump around. However, keep a note of the current flow. Sometimes, if the stream’s flow is too high for your betta, it might find it difficult to swim and hide behind the filters. It is, therefore, best for a betta to choose a sponge filter.

The sponge filter provides a gentle and slow current flow, helping your betta maintain its balance and not get swayed away by the stream. Above all, it depends on your betta. Every betta fish, like every individual, is unique. It has its own particular, unique, and distinct personality traits. Some betta fish might enjoy the presence of an air pump; some might not.

So we can say that do betta fish need an air pump? Well, no. Nevertheless, it might enjoy it, which will keep the fish healthy and happy for a long.

Top 3 Air Pumps For Betta Fish:

Tetra Whisper Air Pump

In your tank, the Tetra Whisper Air Pump provides dependable, efficient, and silent air circulation. This turbine is designed for tanks up to 40 gallons and delivers maximal airflow with minimal sound. Maintain an adequate quantity of oxygen in your aquarium to make your fish nutritious.

The Tetra Whisper Air Pump is designed to be as quiet as possible. The innovative spherical design and soaking compartments reduce turbulence, resulting in a calm, silent air stream. Sound-producing oscillations are reduced by the broad platform, rubber base, and suspended pump motor.

Customer Reviews:

The customer reviews were satisfactory for this pump. Many customers complained about the noise, even though it is supposed to be soundproof. The reason behind this is that they were not able to assemble the pump properly. People who were able to assemble it are quite pleased with the product.

  • No sound emissions, not loud
  • Powerful air pump.
  • Comes in a unique shape
  • Complaints of defected products by users.
  • Not long lasting.

Cobalt Aquatics DC Air Pump

When your filtering system stops operating, the cobalt aquatics air pump is designed to help. The cobalt USB-powered air motors use limited voltage DC pumps with an inbuilt cell that can operate for up to 24 hours amid power failures, crises, fish transport, or fishing trips.

When operating on internal battery power, the pumps can run continuously to maximize the battery life. If a power loss is detected, all models will immediately turn on.

Customer Reviews:

This pump received positive feedback from customers. They were taken aback by the air pump’s smart technology, which detected a power outage. Many customers complained about the noise. Overall they were content with its performance.

  • Assit in case of emergencies
  • The USB power system is a perk
  • Uses minimal voltage
  • The product is really noisy.
  • There were instances of faulty products.

Deep Blue Professional Air Pump

In the case of a power outage, the Deep Blue Professional air pump instantly adjusts to battery standby mode and charging mode when power is available. When the primary battery capacity is depleted, the pump’s embedded d-cell power ports are used. The pump has a variable flow regulator and periodic battery recharge tech.

Flow regulation can be adjusted thanks to the interval battery extension technique. This air pump also has two voltage modes: full mode, which pumps continuously for 14 hours on a fully charged battery, and interval mode, which operates one minute on, one minute off, and extends battery life to 28 hours. 

Customer Reviews:

Extremely positive customer feedback on the product. They claim that the product is worth the purchase they made. It is long-lasting and works efficiently.

  • Long-lasting and efficient
  • Best in case of a blackout
  • Automatically switches during blackouts and charges automatically too.
  • Low battery life
  • Expensive

FAQs on Do Betta Fish Need An Air Pump

Do betta fish need an air pump as babies?

We recommend not to use an air pump for a betta fry, betta fish babies. Because they are small, they do not need an air pump, plus the strong currents might damage their swimming patterns for life.

Can betta fish live without an air pump?

Yes, it can. Unlike most other aquarium fish, betta can survive without an air pump because of the particular set of organs they are gifted with, labyrinth organs.

How long can betta fish go without water?

Most reports suggest that a betta can go without tank water oxygen for two days on average. However, fish enthusiasts believe it is more than that. It will depend on other tank variables.

What are the top 3 air pumps for betta fish?

We recommend the following top 3 air pumps for betta:
– Tetra Whisper Air Pump
– Cobalt Aquatic DC Air Pump
– Deep Blue Professional Air Pump

Final Thoughts:

So, we hope our post has answered your question, “do betta fish need an air pump?” It does not, but it might help your betta live a longer and healthier life if it enjoys it. Above all, we believe precaution is better than cure. What if your filter stops working, or there is a blackout? The sir pump will help your betta survive long without filter-generated oxygen.