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Reasons and Solutions for Betta Spitting Out Food

betta spitting out food

When it comes to food, betta fish have a reputation for being greedy. It is understandable that you would be anxious about your betta spitting out food if you notice him doing so. However, in many circumstances, this is not a cause for concern.

Bettas are voracious eaters, feeding on anything that lands on the water’s surface in a flash. It is very likely that your betta is spitting out food because it is too big for it to be consumed. If you observe your betta fish spitting out food or refusing to eat, he could be suffering from stomach issues. These issues are very common and easily treatable.

Reasons Behind Betta Spitting Out Food

Here are some of the causes for betta spitting out food.

Portion Size Too Big To Swallow

When the food falls into your betta fish’s tank, he will immediately grab it and try to consume it. The dry food begins to swell as soon as it touches the water surface and reaches your betta’s mouth. Your betta may realize that he cannot swallow that big chunk of food and spits it out.

The stomach of your betta is around the size of its eyeball, and some pellets are considerably bigger. As a result, your betta may spit food out a couple of times since he is unable to swallow it. While it appears that the betta is spitting out the meal, he is actually breaking it up into small pieces and making it more digestible.

Digestive Issues

Digestive issues are a common condition in betta fish. Your betta may refuse to eat or spit it out as a result of this. This is very frequent in bettas and is usually not a cause for concern. Constipation is another most common cause for betta spitting out food.

Constipation causes a lot of bloating, which puts a lot of strain on the betta’s organs, particularly the swim bladder. The fish’s ability to balance, swim, and stay upright in the water is harmed as a result.

Fortunately, changing your diet can be a quick and efficient way to get rid of constipation. The pressure on the swim bladder is usually removed once the bloating is gone, and he can swim normally again. Fasting your betta for 2 to 3 days before giving him daphnia is usually the best way to alleviate constipation.

Lack Of Sense

In some cases, your betta fish may not realize what you are feeding him is food. Even if he does realize, he has decided he does not want it. This is usually the most common reason for your betta spitting out food, other than the portion size being too large.

Keep in mind that if your betta does not feed within ten minutes, you should remove the food from the tank. If you do not remove it from the tank, it will begin to decompose, resulting in an unwanted increase in the ammonia levels in the tank water.

Prevention Of Betta Spitting Out Food

Betta spitting out food is more common than you might think. By feeding your betta fish the correct type of food, you can ensure that he does not spit out his food or suffer from digestive issues. You should take portion size and betta health into consideration before feeding your betta fish.

Betta fish are naturally carnivorous and require a meaty protein-rich diet. As a result, if your fish eats a mouthful of dry flakes that lack the nourishment he needs, he may spit it out. You can assist your fish by soaking dried and freeze-dried fish food in a small amount of tank water before feeding it to them.

Pellets often grow to many times their dry size, and freeze-dried bloodworms are no exception. Because pre-soaked food has already been hydrated, your fish will be able to consume it without spitting it out. An ideal betta diet consists of quality betta pellets, flakes, daphnia, bloodworms, and frozen brine shrimp.

Juveniles make up the majority of betta fish sold in pet stores. Young betta fish are typically fed a diet consisting solely of dry food. As a result, when you bring your new pet home and feed him a diet consisting largely of flakes or pellets, the betta may not even be aware he is eating. It is also possible that the meal bits are simply too large for your betta fish.

One method to get around the problem is starting with a combination of live food and freeze-dried food. You can introduce a little number of pellets or flake foods after your betta fish has accepted it. It normally does not take long for a young betta fish to adjust to his captive diet and quit spitting out food.

FAQs on Betta Spitting Out Food

Is it common for a betta to spit its food?

YES. It is fair for a betta fish to start spitting out his food. There are several reasons behind such behavior by the betta fish. Among others, too big a portion size and digestive issues are some of the most common causes for betta spitting out food.

How to cure constipation in a betta fish?

Fasting your betta fish for at least 24 hours and then feeding him live or frozen food is the quickest and easiest technique to cure constipation. Offering your betta fish a blanched, shelled pea can also help things move along faster and effectively.

How often to feed a betta fish?

Once or twice per day depending on the diet. It is also critical to set aside one day per week when you do not feed your betta. Fasting is beneficial to your pet because it permits waste in the digestive system of your fish to pass through.

Final Thoughts

If you see your betta spitting out food, it is usually nothing to be concerned about. It is possible that the food is either too large for him to take all at once, or that he is just a juvenile betta fish. Certain digestive issues can also lead to such behavior by the betta fish.