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Can I Keep My Betta Fish With Turtles?

Betta Fish With Turtles

Betta fish are famous for being possessive and hostile. They love to be isolated and have a difficult time interacting with other aquarium fish. It is noteworthy though that some fishes could co-exist with betta fish. Nevertheless, majorly it is difficult to find a companion for betta fish. So, can you keep betta fish with turtles in your aquarium?

In case you are thinking of putting betta fish with turtles, then we would like to show you a big red flag right here. Betta fish with turtles is a deadly combination. There is a 99 percent probability that if you put them together your fish will die within the next week or two. Therefore, there is no possibility to even consider keeping them together temporarily. Therefore, think twice before you keep them together.

Betta fish with turtles: Compatibility Factors

As we said earlier, betta fish is not compatible with turtles. Therefore, t would be a major danger to keep them in a tank for a few days too. Take a look into the issues that can arise with their compatibility now.

Water Temperature

When it comes to water temperature, you might notice they have an overlapping range of water temperature. Water temperature is one of the most crucial factors for any aquarium.

The ideal temperature for a betta fish is anywhere between 76 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit. While turtles need water that is between 75 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. As a result, the two criteria are very similar and equivalent.

As a result, as far as the water temperature is suitable for both water species, there will be no differences. Turtles are also cold-blooded creatures. As a result, you must maintain the water warm enough. Ensure that a proper water heater is put in the tank to maintain the water temperature within the acceptable range for turtles and betta fish.

Even though the temperature requirement may be somewhat the same do not forget that it is not the only factor.

Water pH Level

Water pH level is a major work when it comes to keeping betta fish with turtles. For both the fishes to survive one might have to keep the pH levels in regular check. Along with that, you must all change the water frequently to keep them together.

Turtles can survive ammonia for a considerable time. However, betta fish cannot. Betta fish immediately feels ammonia in water and will react to it instantly. In fact, turtles have the ability to escape the tank if they are unable to survive with the water conditions. On the other hand, betta fish cannot escape and eventually will not survive in the given water pH levels.

One must also note that turtles make water dirty frequently with waste and it is quite obvious, that when there will be waste there will be ammonia. It not only contaminates the water with self-wastes but also brings the surface wastes in the water by hovering up and down the tank.

Therefore, if you are thinking of keeping betta fish with turtles, keep in mind that both of them have little to no compatibility when it comes to pH levels. It might require a lot of work to make the pH levels compatible for both.

Tank Requirements

Betta fish with turtles: Compatibility Factors

Tank requirements for both turtles and betta fish are opposite. They are like parallel lines which do not meet. Therefore, even if you somehow manage to meet the water temperature and pH levels, there is a 100 percent chance that you will not be able to meet the tank requirements for both the animals simultaneously.

Turtles are animals that require huge tanks because they get large with time. Along with that, they are highly mobile and energetic. Hence, they require a large tank to fit their agile nature.

Betta fish, incomplete disparity to turtles, can grow only about 3 inches large. Large water tanks generally do not affect fish. However, betta fish is drastically affected when put in large water tanks. It feels extremely inconvenient in such large tanks.

Turtles entail a tank size of 40 to 100 gallons. In opposition to turtles, betta fish simply needs a 5-gallon tank to survive. Along with this, there is a high probability that with a turtle, which is a fish eater, in a large tank, your betta fish would want to stay in a corner, out of any site.

Therefore, considering betta fish’s territorial and solitary nature, in contrast to that of turtles, it is impossible to keep them in one tank.

Dietary Needs

Dietary Needs turtles

Dietary needs are another main obstacle in keeping betta fish with turtles. Diet for both turtles and betta fish are entirely different and diet is no doubt the priority in keeping pets.

Most species of turtles are both plant-eaters as well as animal eaters. In order to keep your turtle healthy, you will have to feed them both. Animal eating ensures the optimum level of protein for your turtle. Turtle owners keep feeding their turtles worms or fishes along with plants like algae.

With a betta fish in the tank, the turtle might confuse it with another fish for him to feed. The turtle will not consider it to be his tank companion and might attack it. This is a circumstance that does not have any loophole to work out. Even if you feed your turtle enough it will probably feed on the betta fish too. The turtle will not be able to draw the difference between his food and his mate.

Hence it is advisable to avoid keeping betta fish with turtles to keep any disaster away.

Why Should Not You Keep Betta Fish With Turtles?

Why Should Not You Keep Betta Fish With Turtles

Considering the factors mentioned and researched above, it is quite obvious that you should not keep betta fish with turtles. They are both completely opposite in their habitat. Even if you somehow are able to manage their water requirements, the diet and tank needs will make it impossible for you to manage them together.

Your betta fish will not survive more than a week in the tank with a turtle. It is, therefore, best to drop the idea or keep them in two different tanks.

Frequently Asked Questions On Betta Fish With Turtles

What fishes are best compatible with betta fish?

– Ember Tetras
– Plecos
– Mollies
– Corydoras Catfish
– Guppies
– Kuhli Loaches

What fishes are best compatible with turtles?

Considering the nature of turtles, you can keep these tropical fishes in the tank:
– Danios
– Guppies
– Platies
– Mollies
– Neon tetras
– White cloud minnows

What is the lifespan of a betta fish?

Betta fish usually survives for 2 to 5 years. However, with appropriate care and tank mates, a betta fish can survive slightly longer.

What is the lifespan of a turtle?

The life span of turtles ranges from 10 to 80 years in the extremities. Take proper care of your turtle and choose appropriate mates for it for a proper lifetime.

Are betta fish poisonous to turtles?

NO. Betta fish are not poisonous to turtles. It is, however, not advised to keep betta fish turtles.

Can betta fish live with baby turtles?

NO. It is not recommended that you put betta fish with turtles, be it a baby turtle as both these creatures need different tank conditions and water parameters.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, keeping betta fish with turtles is an extremely bad idea. They are highly non-compatible with each other. You will end up losing your betta fish. Hence, to avoid such mishaps it is suggestive to drop the idea today itself.