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Betta Fish Symbolism: Meanings And Interpretations

betta fish symbolism

Betta fish is certainly one of the most popular tank fish of all time and it is rightfully so. They are majestic creatures with long widespread colorful fins and elongated bodies, swimming smoothly through the water. But what is the actual betta fish symbolism and what does it mean to be a betta fish.

Even though a betta fish shows vibrant colored fins and a showy exterior, it possesses a territorial and aggressive nature. It also comes in different colors and patterns with different degrees of temperament. Thus, there is no one definite betta fish symbolism. We can explain the betta fish symbolism in any of the ways including spirit animal, power animal, thai animal, or totem animal.

Brief Overview Of A Betta Fish

As stated earlier, betta fish is an increasingly popular aquarium fish that is characterized by brightly colored fins and a torpedo-like extended body. Betta fish come in different sizes, patterns, and colors. The majority of the betta fish also are said to have a bad temperament.

Betta fish originated from Southeast Asia, a region accustomed to frequent water shortages and flooding. This made the betta fish evolve and adapt to the changing conditions. This is one of the main reasons why they have developed labyrinth organs that allow them to breathe atmospheric air for a short time period.

Betta fish are aggressive fish that tend to show more hostility towards other betta fish. The only time they appear to live peacefully is during the mating process. The thing that makes the betta fish so unique from other fish is the mating process.

It is a highly sophisticated yet beautiful procedure. It involves building bubble nests by male bettas and the female betta depositing hundreds of eggs, which are then caught and placed carefully by the male betta in the bubble nest until they have hatched properly.

Betta fish also come in different sizes and varieties. Experts believe that there are over 70 different species of betta fish, each varying from the other based on design, coloration, size, temperament, and other physical attributes.

Owing to this fact, the betta fish symbolism cannot be defined properly as there may be a variety of different betta fish symbolism based on different betta sizes, colors, and species. Now, let us move on towards all the possible ways to define symbolism for a betta fish.

Betta Fish Symbolism

As mentioned earlier, it would be wrong to say that there is only one definite meaning of being a betta fish and betta fish symbolism. However, this is not the case. We can define different symbolism to different bettas. Here are some ways to define a proper betta fish symbolism.

Betta Fish Spirit Animal

Betta Fish Spirit Animal

Having a betta fish as your spirit animal is a balance between good and evil. It is human nature to feel despaired and low at one point in your life. You need not worry as the Siamese Fighting Fish spirit guide will be with you till the very end and will always have your back.

The betta fish spirit animal also gives you a sense of moderation while choosing which battles to fight and which battles to ignore. It also teaches us to stay calm and relax if the situation is under control. You should never choose aggression as the sole solution for your problems.

Thus, the betta spirit animal has two aspects. One is the aggressive side that is characterized by hostility towards others. On the other hand, it also contains a softer and nurturing side which is seen while it is taking care of the bubble nest. Therefore, it is an optimum balance between good and evil.

Betta Fish Power Animal

Perhaps the most effective and crucial part of the betta fish symbolism is the invocation of the betta fish power animal. As the name suggests, it means provoking your inner betta power while fighting your meaningful battles. This does not mean provoking your betta fish power animal unnecessarily.

If you feel that your peers are not respecting your boundaries that much then you should invoke your betta fish power animal and show them your true ‘colors’. If a fight is imminent, the betta power might help you get more focused.

Betta Fish Thai Animal

Betta Fish Thai Animal

As stated earlier, the betta fish are native to Thailand. These are highly regarded fish as the origin’s name once was Siam. One can see where does a betta fish get its name of the Siamese Fighting Fish. In its native origin, the betta fish has much significance.

A Siamese Betta Fish may represent prosperity and fertility depending on the size. Some people also regard them as a good housewarming gift that is a symbol of good fortune for the receivers.

Betta Fish Totem Animal

Betta Fish Totem Animal

The betta fish totem animal is another integral part of the betta symbolism. People born with the betta fish totem animal usually prefer to be alone. Thus, these people generally connect to the aggressive and territorial aspect of a betta fish.

You like your personal space and generally work in solitary without any interference from other people. You hardly fight but if you do you risk provoking your bad side. However, you can adapt to any new situation if you are given enough space.

FAQs On Betta Fish Symbolism

What is special about betta fish?

Betta fish is special in the sense that it contains the labyrinth organ. This organ helps the betta fish to breathe atmospheric air for a short period of time.

Is betta fish lucky?

Maybe. Considering your betta fish is lucky is a subjective matter. However, some South Asian cultures believe the betta fish to be lucky. Their beautiful and vibrant colored body may provide a sense of serenity to the viewer.

Do betta fish have feelings?

Betta fish has the ideal anatomy to receive and feel painful stimuli. They are capable of showcasing feelings and can also express their feelings through various methodologies.

Final Thoughts

So what exactly is the betta fish symbolism and what does it mean. To put it simply, we can relate our behavior to the natural behavior of the betta fish. A betta fish is a beautiful blend of aggression and peace and it teaches us to choose our battles and fight rightfully.