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Betta Fish Spiritual Meaning And Significance

betta fish spiritual meaning

Betta fish are undoubtedly one of the most famous tank fish of all time and for good reason. They are magnificent creatures with long, multicolored fins and elongated bodies that swim through the water smoothly. But what is the betta fish spiritual meaning? Let us find out.

Even though it has brightly colored fins and a flamboyant exterior, a betta fish has a territorial and aggressive disposition. It also comes in various colors and designs, each with a particular degree of aggression. As a result, there is no single betta fish spiritual meaning. The betta fish spiritual meaning can be explained in various ways, including as a spirit animal, a power animal, a thai animal, or a totem animal.

About The Betta Fish

Betta fish are an increasingly popular aquarium fish with vividly colored fins and a torpedo-like elongated body. Betta fish are available in various sizes, patterns, and colors. The vast majority of betta fish are also believed to be temperamental.

Betta fish are native to Southeast Asia, where severe water shortages and flooding are common. As a result, the betta fish evolved and adapted to the changing environment. They possess labyrinth organs, which allow them to breathe atmospheric air for a limited time.

Betta fish are aggressive fish with a proclivity for attacking other betta fish. The only time they appear to live in peace is while mating. The mating procedure is what distinguishes the betta fish from other fish. Betta fish are bubble nesters.

By bubble nesters we mean, male bettas make bubble nests, and female bettas deposit hundreds of eggs, which are then captured and carefully placed in the bubble nest by the male betta until they hatch correctly. Betta fish come in a variety of sizes and colors. Experts estimate there are more than 70 different species of betta fish.

Because of this, the betta fish spiritual meaning cannot be adequately described because different betta sizes, colors, and species may have varied betta fish meanings. Now, let us try to derive the betta fish spiritual meaning.

Betta Fish Spiritual Meaning

Betta Fish Spiritual Meaning

Speaking practically, spirituality from any animal is derived based on various physical interactions, ancestral myths, and fundamental animal behavioral trends. When we try to find spiritual meaning in an animal, we try to contrast its activities with ours and infer something about our personality.

When we talk about finding the betta fish spiritual meaning, there are many ways to draw a conclusive report on the actual meaning and symbolism of a betta fish. Here are four ways to juxtapose yourself with a betta fish.

Betta Fish Spirit Animal

A betta fish as a spirit animal represents a balance of good and evil. It is natural to feel hopeless and low at some point in one’s life. You do not have to be concerned since your Siamese Fighting Fish spirit guide will always be there for you.

The betta fish spirit animal also teaches you to be cautious while deciding which fights to fight and avoid. It also teaches us to keep our cool and relax when things are under control. Aggression should never be used as a solitary answer to a problem.

As a result, there are two sides to the betta spirit animal. One is the aggressive side, marked by a hostile attitude toward others. On the other hand, it has a softer, nurturing side seen when it looks after the bubble nest. As a result, it is the ideal balance of good and evil.

Betta Fish Totem Animal

Another critical aspect of betta fish spiritual meaning is the betta fish totem animal. People with the betta fish as their totem animal prefer to be alone. As a result, these people are drawn to betta fish’s aggressive and territorial nature.

You value your personal space and prefer to work alone, away from others. You rarely argue, but when you do, you run the risk of inciting your negative side. Having a betta fish totem animal implies that you can adjust to any new scenario if you are given adequate room.

Betta Fish Thai Animal

Betta Fish Thai Animal

Betta fish are native to Thailand. Because their origins were originally known as Siam, these are highly demanded fish. It is easy to see how a betta fish got the name Siamese Fighting Fish. The betta fish has a lot of significance in its native land.

Depending on the size, a betta fish or the Siamese fighting fish, as they are traditionally called, may indicate prosperity and fertility. Some people think of them as a fantastic housewarming present that will bring good luck to the recipients.

Betta Fish Power Animal

Betta Fish Power Animal

The invocation of the betta fish power animal is perhaps the most effective and significant component of the betta fish spiritual meaning. It means agitating your inner betta power while battling your meaningful fights. This does not imply unnecessarily provoking your betta fish power animal.

If you think your peers are not respecting your boundaries enough, summon your betta fish power animal and show them your actual ‘colors.’ If a fight is approaching, the betta power may assist you in becoming more concentrated. A betta fish power animal is not the one to back down from a fight.

FAQs On Betta Fish Spiritual Meaning

Do betta fish have feelings?

The anatomy of the betta fish is suited for receiving and feeling unpleasant stimuli. They are capable of displaying feelings and expressing those feelings in various ways.

Is betta fish lucky?

Maybe. It is up to you to consider your betta lucky. However, the betta fish is deemed to be lucky in some South Asian communities. The owner may have a sense of serenity due to their gorgeous and vibrantly colored physique.

Why are betta fish so aggressive?

Betta fish are aggressive because they are highly territorial, aggressive eaters, and passionate about mating.

Are betta fish bad luck?

We have already mentioned how the luck parameter of a betta fish is subjective to the owner. However, generally speaking, fish are meant to bring prosperity and wealth to their owners.

Final Thoughts

So, what is the betta fish spiritual meaning? To put it in simple terms, we can compare our personality to that of the betta fish. A betta fish is a gentle mix of aggression and calm that teaches us to pick our fights wisely and not show aggression unnecessarily.