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Do I Need To Worry About Betta Fish Eye Bulge?

betta fish eye bulge

Betta fish is a sensitive Japanese fish found in the South Asian region, available in various colors, known for its aggressive but enthusiastic nature. Betta fish are exposed to many harmful diseases and infections in tanks and the wild. Therefore having a betta fish eye bulge can be worrisome for a fish owner.

Betta fish eye bulge, commonly referred to as popeye, is a prevalent disease among betta and all other fish species. The best part about betta fish eye bulge relative to other conditions is that it is curable, and betta fish need not die due to betta fish eye bulge.

Unlike other betta conditions, the disease is easily diagnosed and can be cured if timely diagnosed. The primary cause of a betta fish eye bulge could be a physical injury or simply an infection. However, with proper treatment with antibiotics and Epsom salt, one can treat betta of Popeye. In this post today, we will discuss betta fish eye bulge symptoms, causes, and treatments.

What Is Betta Fish Eye Bulge?

What Is Betta Fish Eye Bulge?

Betta fish eye bulge is termed exophthalmia medically. When strain accumulates under the fish’s eye, it swells and protrudes from the fish’s head, triggering the ailment. Popeye is both annoying for your fish and upsetting to watch. Prevention is better than cure, so it is valid for betta fish bulge eyes.

Popeye is an inflammation of the eye caused by germs. It might damage one or both of your eyes. If a betta is maintained in a hygienic tank, it is unlikely to acquire it. In most cases, but not all, bulging eyes are caused by a tank with poor water parameters. 

Betta fish bulge eye could indicate some severe fungal or bacterial infection. Therefore it is essential to understand the symptoms correctly. If you notice your betta being lethargic, swimming differently, white spots, or betta gasping for air, it might be a severe infection that triggers the betta fish eye bulge.

Betta Fish Eye Bulge Symptoms:

The most obvious symptom of the condition is that either one or both eyes are bulging or protruding outwards, which is why it is known as pop-eye. There is another indication of betta fish eye bulge too. Here are a few others:

  • Betta eyes might also change their color and become slightly cloudy, which indicates that the cornea of the betta eye is damaged.
  • My eyes might become red. Eyes are bloodshot red if your fish collides with a tank object or gets into a fight and there is a rupture in the betta eye.
  • If you detect a white ring around his eye, your betta will probably acquire a betta fish bulge eye if you notice a white ring around his eye. Once this symptom appears, you must immediately begin treating your pet.
  • If the betta fish’s bulge eye is due to an underlying infection, you may notice betta fish losing its appetite, unusual swimming patterns, hiding behind the filter, etc.

Betta Fish Eye Bulge Causes:

Betta Fish Eye Bulge Causes:

Betta fish bulge eye can have various reasons, making it difficult to pinpoint the exact source of your betta’s condition. Selecting the proper remedy can be challenging without a solid identification of the condition’s origin.

Betta fish can affect either one eye or both eyes, and both situations might source from different causes.

Unilateral Bulge Eye Causes:

Unilateral Betta bulge eye is a disorder that affects only one of your fish’s eyes. If your fish has damaged only one of its eyes, it’s possible that it’s not an infection. Physical injury is the most common cause of eye inflammation. Betta fish eye bulge might happen if your fish collides with anything, gets into a conflict with another fish, or if you trap him in a fishnet too tight. 

Bilateral Bulge Eye Causes:

If you detect a betta bulge eye in both of your betta’s eyes, it’s very probably inflammation of some sort. Bacteria, fungus, and parasite development can all induce eye infections in betta. A slew of other symptoms usually follows conditions that afflict the entire betta.

Betta Fish Bulge Eye Treatment:

Betta Fish Bulge Eye Treatment

The treatment option depends upon what has caused the betta fish to bulge the eye. If the damage in the eye is due to a physical fight among two or more fish or due to betta fish colliding, then Epsom salt can be a decent treatment option. Use another container to dissolve Epsom salt and place your betta into the container to treat it.

The standard way of treating an infection with antibiotics should be followed for diseases in the eye. Use antibiotics like Mellafix by quarantining your fish into another container. Keep in mind to keep proper tank conditions, water parameters, and dietary requirements needed by betta.

But we think that preventing such ailments is better than curing them.

Betta Fish Bulge Eye Prevention:

  • Avoid keeping tank mates with a betta. They are territorial and are intimidated by their tank mates. Therefore betta fish are always advised to be held in an isolation tank.
  • Clean water and tank properly. Filtration is the key to a good and healthy tank, which is necessary for a healthy betta. Meeting all the tank parameters will keep the habitat as friendly as possible. Ensure the temperature range is suitable for a betta and optimal pH.
  • Remove any tank decorations that are sharp or can hurt your betta. Avoid introducing any tank objects that you pick from a beach or road.
  • Before adding a new fish to the tank, quarantine it. It will prevent the fresh fish from bringing any infections into the tank.
  • Quarantine or wash any new tank objects with hot water before introducing them into the tank.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Why did my betta’s eyes turn black?

With age, betta tends to lose its colors. However, we would suggest taking into account any damage that might have caused your betta’s eye to turn black.

Can betta fish die from bulge eye?

If diagnosed at the proper time and treated correctly, betta fish bulge eye will not cause any deadly effect on your betta. We do not think your betta will ever be exposed to such conditions if appropriate precautions are taken.

Is betta fish bulge eye contagious?

This ultimately depends on the cause of the bulging eye. If the bulge yee is due to physical damage, it will not spread, but it may spread to other tank mates if the bulging eye is due to an infection.

Final Thoughts:

Betta fish bulge eye can be prevented if the betta fish care guide is followed thoroughly. Betta fish bulge eye can be treated and controlled with minimal requirements. Follow the tank requisites required by betta, avoid introducing any tank mates or sharp objects in the tank, and ensure your betta a long and healthy life.