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1 Gallon Betta Tank: Is It Sufficient?

1 gallon betta tank

Betta fish are beautiful, gaudy, tropical fish, which are territorial. This implies betta fish requires space and hiding spaces to enjoy and thrive in confinement. Enough place to swim will make it feel like betta is in its natural habitat. So will a 1 gallon betta tank suffice for a betta fish?

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The short and crisp answer is no, a 1 gallon betta tank will not be enough for your betta. For a betta, the minimum capacity required for a tank is 5 gallons. A betta should not be kept anything below that. There should be enough shrubs, plants, logs, toys, rings in the tank so that betta stays less stressed and enjoy its life in the tank.

Even though many pet fish owners might claim that betta fish will survive long in a fishbowl or a 1 gallon tank, it will be wrong to put your fish in such tank conditions. Hence, today we are going to discuss why a 1 gallon betta tank will not be good for your betta.

Can Betta Live In A 1 Gallon Betta Tank?

In practice, a tank of 5 gallons is the very least for maintaining one betta and potentially a shrimp or two. Although some enthusiasts have made 2.5-gallon aquariums operational for a betta, your fish will benefit from the additional area. It is inhumane and unjust to put a betta fish in a smaller aquarium.

Many novice fish pet owners mistakenly assume that because these fish are marketed in little containers in pet stores, they don’t need as much room as other fish. When a betta is kept in little containers compared to a 1 gallon betta tank, it is clear that the latter is the superior option. However, just because something is better doesn’t mean it’s the best.

Bettas are advertised as throwaway pets because they can withstand extreme environments. They subsist in the wild by swimming in brackish, dirty water and fighting carnivorous animals for their lives. This causes some individuals to believe that it doesn’t make a difference whether they follow good care standards since their fish fight for years in a terrible environment. They will survive this too.

They do not, however, stick around long in the wild. Bettas are no longer gathered from the wild, and their flexibility to evolve to unfavorable environments and small settings have been pushed out in favor of freshwater aquarium standards. Better habitat factors may allow them to live longer, for instance, installing a 1 gallon betta tank heater. People do not devote enough time to learning everything there is to know about keeping a betta fish.

If you decide to opt for a 1 gallon betta tank, we have discussed a few options.

2 Best 1 Gallon Betta Tank:

There are a few fish owners who have succeeded in helping betta survive in a 1 gallon betta tank. Here are a few options you can opt for.

FREESEA 1.2 Gallon Betta Tank

Product Overview

This tank can be considered as a 1 gallon betta tank planted already. There are two attractive acrylics aquatic flora in the water tank, as well as thorough filtration equipment for a small fish aquarium that is concealed nicely behind the fish aquarium. This filtration system includes a piece of filtration sponge as well as a filtration motor.

The tank is more suitable for small creatures and vegetation while being slightly larger than 1 gallon and particularly branded as betta fish aquariums.

These fiberglass tanks are available in two colors: black and white. The disguised filtration systems and elegant, distinct design are the primary attractions of these tanks. The tank dimensions are 7.8 inches in length, 5.5 inches in width, and 7.8 inches in height. But consider the fact that the filtration typically occupies some extra inches of that area. The LED light is certified at 2W, while the compressor is rated at 2W.

Betta, and other tropical fish, like angelfish, and other attractive fish, can be raised in the 1.2-gallon tiny fish tank. It comes with a power bank to supply enough power to run the tank. The tank also has installed led lights, enough for any tropical fish like betta.

Customer Reviews

The customers have been satisfied with the working and functioning of the tank. They were happy about the fact that the tank is small and can be fitted almost anywhere. To optimize the current stream, customers had to install a betta hammock. The current of the filter in the tank after that was soft and gentle, helping betta maintain its balance while swimming.

For the supplies you get, enthusiasts have considered the total package to be pricey, notably because the light requires a USB adaptor to be connected to the power. The filter is likewise overbearing for the tank’s size. 

  • The 1 gallon betta tank being small can be placed anywhere, does not require large surface.
  • Enough lights for your betta already present.
  • Filtration system working properly and efficiently preinstalled.
  • Comes with a few fake plants.
  • A betta hammock is to be instaled to control filter pressure.
  • Live plants have to be installed.

Tetra Bubbling LED Aquarium Kit

Product Overview

For more than 50 years, fishkeepers have turned to Tetra for systems and applications that make their lives easier and more beautiful. Tetra provides all you want, whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or just getting started, from a wide selection of high-quality fish nutrition and cutting-edge apparatus to check tank parameters tools and décor.

The Tetra 1 Gallon Hexagon Bubbling LED Kit has everything you need to start maintaining fish. Because of its modest dimensions, you can set up a lovely aquarium in any location. This starter set is ideal for new fishkeepers. The hexagonal form allows for a variety of viewing angles, and the glass top with a serving hole makes cleaning a breeze.

Customer Reviews

The product has received nothing but positive reviews from its users. They were satisfied with the efficiency and extremely economical price of the fish tank. The lightings were a great perk for the cheap purchase. People claim that the tank is best suited for you if you are planning on keeping one fish only.

  • Economical and worthy the price you pay.
  • Comes with led lights for your fish.
  • Comes with a filter, air pump, air valve and airline tubing.
  • The heaxogonal shape makes it adjustable and flexible.
  • There are certain complications with the installation and functionality of the filter.
  • There were items where light were not present or not working.

FAQs on 1 Gallon Betta Tank

How long do betta fish live in a 1 gallon tank?

Bettas can usually not survive for long in confined and small spaces. Therefore, a 5-gallon tank is a must for them. Nevertheless, in a 1 gallon betta tank, they cannot survive for more than a year.

Do betta fish need a filter in a 1 gallon betta tank?

Yes, they do. Betta fish, irrespective of the tank size, requires proper cleaning of the tank regularly. Therefore, filtration is a must, or else you will cut short your betta’s lifespan significantly.

How often do I clean my 1 gallon betta tank?

Cleaning your betta tank, irrespective of the size, once every week is a minimum requirement of betta fish maintenance.

What is a 1 gallon betta tank setup?

A 1 gallon betta tank requires the same setup as other tanks. Firstly, clean your tank with water and install the filter and heater. Add the substrate and the live plants next. After filling the water, switch on your heater and filter and acclimate your betta.

How often should I clean my 1 gallon betta tank without a filter?

The bare minimum is to clean the tank once every week and perform a 50 percent water change.

Final Thoughts:

A 1 gallon betta tank is a wrong choice if you want to pet a betta. It will be stressful for a betta to live in compacts regions where it will not be able to swim properly and might stress out your betta. Therefore, it is always advised to purchase a 5-gallon tank for your betta. Even still, if you choose a 1 gallon betta tank, we suggest keeping your betta alone, without any tank mate.