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Are Zebra Danio And Betta Fish Good Tank Mates?

Zebra Danio And Betta

As we all know, betta fish is highly territorial and aggressive in nature. They are solitary creatures who prefer to be alone. But this does not mean we cannot keep another fish with a betta fish. This begs the questions are zebra danio and betta fish are compatible.

Theoretically speaking, you can keep a zebra danio and a betta fish together, but it is advised not to do so. Both of these fishes are highly unpredictable and have varied personalities. Thus, zebra danio and betta fish are not the best tank mates to be kept together.

Zebra Danio And Betta Fish – Compatibilty Factors

Zebra Danios

As mentioned earlier, both – zebra danio and betta fish are quite unpredictable by nature and possess personalities that do not always complement each other. There are some ways to make them coexist in one tank, but it is all about luck.

Let us first discuss the various factors that need to be considered before actually adding a zebra danio and betta fish together. These factors include individual temperament, water temperature, water pH level, and other tank conditions.

Individual Personality

Let us first talk about a betta fish. We all know betta fishes are aggressive and territorial. They prefer to be alone and do not generally get along well with other tank mates. Thus, the plan of keeping a betta fish and a zebra danio together is already not looking so great.

A silver lining may be there, and that is that male betta fish is comparatively more aggressive than a female one. Thus, if you want a betta fish and a zebra danio to live together, it has to be a female betta fish. But the problem with a female betta fish is that it is not as showy and attractive as the male one.

Now let us talk about the zebra danio. Zebra danios are natural fin nippers, and you might have noticed that betta fishes have long and beautiful fins. If we connect all the dots, a fin nipper is the last thing your betta fish needs from a tankmate.

Zebra danios are also swift and active swimmers, while a betta fish is relatively calm. It may so happen that your betta fish may not like the activeness of your zebra danio, and it may attack the danio. Therefore, evidently speaking, you should avoid keeping a zebra danio and betta fish together.

Water Parameters

Water parameters like temperature and pH level also play an important role in determining the compatibility between two fishes. If we were to talk about the pH level of the tank water, both the fishes could survive in the required range of 6 to 8. Thus, pH level is not an issue.

Water temperature is the topic of concern. Zebra danios prefer a cooler water temperature ranging between 64 and 77 degrees F. On the other hand, betta fish requires slightly warmer water whose temperature can range between 76 and 82 degrees F.

Thus, getting the right temperature can be an issue for fish owners, which is why it is not recommended to keep these two fishes together in one tank.

Diet and Food

Betta fish is a carnivore by nature, while a zebra danio is an omnivore by nature. This may not seem to be a problem at first, but the kind of food which both these fishes require are quite similar, and zebra danios being quick can cause your betta fish to starve.

The fact that zebra danios need to be kept in schools of at least 6 can hijack your betta’s food and prevent it from getting the proper nutrients. Therefore, a fight over food is also a probable cause of incompatibility between the two fishes.

Tank Requirements

Even if you find a way to counter the above issues, the optimum tank size is another issue you will face when keeping a zebra danio and betta fish together. You will need at least a 10 gallons tank even to have a chance of getting a success.

A larger tank is also preferred, along with the addition of plants and other decors. These decors will provide enough hiding places for your betta fish and reduce the stress on both fish. You should also make sure your tank has a proper filtration system.

An effective filtration system ensures that the ammonia, chlorine, chloramine, and nitrate levels are kept in check, not harming the fish.

These factors may look achievable to you, but it is completely up to both the fish at the end of the day. You cannot force them to live together if you see any signs of aggression from either fish.

Suitable Tankmates For Zebra Danio And Betta Fish

Zebra Danio and betta

It is quite evident that it is too hard to keep zebra danios and betta fish together. This does not mean that both these fishes are destined to be alone. Certain fishes can live with either one of them.

Zebra Danio

You should keep in mind the basic tank requirements of various fishes before adding them with zebra danios. The tank conditions for both the fish must be similar to ensure proper compatibility between them. Here are the most suitable tank mates for zebra danios. These fish require almost the same conditions to survive as that of a zebra danio.

  • Corydoras Catfish
  • Goldfish
  • Neon Tetras
  • Guppies
  • Bristlenose Pleco

Betta Fish

Betta Fish

A suitable tankmate for a betta fish must have the same requirements and conditions as the betta fish. Thus, the fish must like warm and slightly acidic water and must not be a fin nipper. Here are the most suitable tank mates for a betta fish.

  • Kuhli Loaches
  • Ember Tetras
  • Clown Plecos
  • Corydoras Catfish
  • Harlequin Rasbora

FAQs on Keeping Zebra Danio And Betta Fish as Tankmates

Are zebra danios fin nippers?

YES. Zebra danios are born fin nippers and are swift swimmers. They are highly active and should be kept in schools of at least 6 zebra danios.

Can zebra danio and betta live together?

Not recommended. Keeping these two fishes together is not advised due to their differing tank requirements and varied personalities. Additionally, zebra danios are fin nippers, and fin nipping is the last thing your betta fish needs.

How to calm down zebra danios?

You can add decors like plants and caves to provide your zebra danios with sufficient hiding spots. This reduces stress levels in your fish and calms them.

Final Thoughts

Therefore, keeping zebra danio and betta fish together in one tank is not recommended due to their differing personalities and other incompatible factors. This does not mean it is impossible to keep them together. You can always try.