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Male Betta Fish Names: Best Of The Best

male betta fish names

Betta fish are colorful, vibrant, and bright fish with a plethora of species and types. They are also known as the Siamese or Japanese fighting fish because they are born to fight in the wild and survive. They are the best choice for beginner fish enthusiasts. Fish owners generally give their female and male betta fish names based on their colors, gender, or species.

Female and male betta fish names should be unique. Just because your betta fish cannot give their opinion about their name, it does not give you the right to name your fish anything. Betta fish names should be catchy and attractive.Betta fish are intelligent creatures. You can name your Betta and train it to listen to you when you call its name. Hence, female or male betta fish names are a significant responsibility upon you as a betta fish owner. In this article today, we will discuss a few essential pointers about female and male betta fish names that you must keep in mind before assigning your Betta a name.

How Should I Choose Female And Male Betta Fish Names?

A betta fish is a beautiful creature, and it deserves a proper name. Like the betta fish needs its tank condition to be appropriate, it will need an appropriate name for itself. You cannot name your kid anything random or just call it Betta. Here are a few pointers on how you can name your fish.


A female betta fish names are different from male betta fish names. Male betta fish are usually more aggressive and gaudy at the same time when compared to female betta fish. Therefore, one must think of something that indicates the bright but hostile nature of your male Betta and then name it. Likewise, choose a female name for your Betta, showcasing its calm nature.

Male betta fish also tend to have long fins and tails, which you can use as a foundation for selecting a good name for your Betta. Female bettas generally have short fins and tails. You can always use unisex female or male betta fish names.


Color of betta fish with name

Colour is the best way to give female and male betta fish names. Betta fish are available in so many colors, sometimes single-colored multi-colored. You can easily name anything you think your Betta represents.

For instance, a blue male betta might make you think of the sea or the sky, so name your blue betta fish sky, or ice, or ocean. You can also use the colors as name, such as blue, azure, iris, navy, indigo, whatever you think lies in close proximation to your betta color.

Tail Type

For people who do not know, betta fish differs a lot when it comes to tail type. These tail types are named after what the tail looks like. For instance, a delta tail betta fish is named after the Greek letter delta, which is triangular shaped. For this particular fish, the tail is narrow towards the point where it attaches itself to the body and gradually becomes wide towards the end, representing a delta symbol.

Similarly, there is plenty of betta fish classified based on what their tail resembles. For instance, combtail betta fish, half-moon tail betta fish, half sun tail betta fish, crowntail betta fish. You can use the tail to give your blue, red, black, multi-colored, crowntail, feather tail, female and male betta fish names.

Swimming patterns

Observation is the key to the door of a successful fish-keeping experiment. You will now and then have to observe your fish’s habits, whether it is swimming upside down or is still without breathing, or is swimming vertically, which can indicate an issue. Nevertheless, if you keep observing your Betta, you will find your Betta has certain unique traits.

You can easily use your Betta’s behavioral patterns to give it a name. For instance, sometimes betta fish likes to go up the bubbles generated from the air pump and then swim down and repeat this circular motion. Therefore, you can name your fish bubbles or hoops.

Male Betta Fish Names:

A male betta fish usually flourish with dazzling colors and long, dense fins and tails. Males tend to be aggressive and arrogant, so is a male betta fish. It is more hostile and likes to challenge other betta fish for a fight now and then. So you will have to make sure you provide them with suitable male betta fish names. Here are a few:

  • Chester
  • Clint
  • Kai
  • Brutus
  • Zeus
  • Mercury
  • Bruno
  • Loki
  • Thor
  • Odin
  • Max
  • Rusty
  • Barney
  • Mosses
  • Rudra
  • Bert
  • Ernie
  • Bob
  • Snape

Cute Names For Male Betta Fish:

Cute Names For Male Betta Fish:

Some of us are looking for a masculine name for Betta because of its aggressive and hostile personality, but some of us look for a cute name for Betta because it is a sweet, pretty, beautiful tiny betta fish, after all. Here are a few cute male betta fish names for your Betta.

  • Archie
  • Puffles
  • Jazzy
  • Taco
  • Tofu
  • Winne
  • Pooh
  • Cookie
  • Jelly
  • Bambi
  • Rainbow
  • Fido

Betta Fish Names Based On Color:

As said earlier, you can easily name your Betta based on its color. Here we have suggested a few names based on the betta fish’s color. These can be used as both female and male betta fish names.

Red BlueBlackMulti-coloredOthers

Male Betta Fish Name Generator:

We have given you a lot of options of probable names you can give your male betta fish. Even after that, one might get confused about how to choose a single name out of so many options. Therefore we have another suggestion for you.

You can use female and male betta fish name generators. They are simple to use. They will provide you with a few names, and you can choose among the names suggested by them to avoid any indecisiveness. All you have to do is feed their gender, species, and sometimes color, and you will get a list of perfect names for your Betta.

What are some Japanese names for male betta fish?

funny betta fish names

Some Japanese or Asian names you can give your Betta because of its origin are:

  • Sumo
  • Bettah
  • Rama
  • Samurai
  • Yoshe

FAQs on Male Betta Fish Names

Can I name my betta fish?

Yes, it would help if you named your betta fish. It is bright and can recognize when you are calling. You can choose any name that you admire or feel connected to.

What should I name my green betta fish?

There are a few green female and male betta fish names that you can call your Betta:
– Algae
– Otter
– Rocket

What are some funny betta fish names?

Here is a list of a few funny and cool names you can give your fish:
– DJ
– Karate Kid
– Electro
– Green Goblet
– Thanos

Final Thoughts:

The Betta, as a stunningly individual pet fish, truly deserves a title that encompasses all of its unique characteristics. We understand that in addition to the several tasks your little pet will demand, such as selecting an aquarium, choosing a name will be an exciting responsibility. Therefore, do not think much and give your female and male betta fish names.