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Ghost Shrimp And Betta: All You Need To Know

ghost shrimp and betta

Betta fish or Siamese fighting fish is a colorful, attractive, bright-looking freshwater pet. It has a hostile and territorial personality, making it challenging to keep tank mates with betta fish. However, there are a few species that one can pet with a betta in the same tank. Ghost shrimp and betta are pairs that work in a betta tank.

Ghost shrimp and betta have been a controversial debate for many fish enthusiasts. Some say they would be the perfect tank mates for each other. Some say it is hazardous to pet them in one single tank. Both the freshwater species thrive on the same habitats; hence pet owners find it perfect. However, we believe that with the correct technique and tank conditions, one can have a high success rate in keeping ghost shrimp and betta together. Keep reading to find out what you can expect from ghost shrimp and betta as tank mates.

How To Keep Ghost Shrimp And Betta Together?

How To Keep Ghost Shrimp And Betta Together?

Optimal tank conditions are essential if you want to keep a ghost shrimp and betta together in a tank. Here are a few things you would like to keep in mind.

Tank Requirements:

Luckily the tank requirements of betta and ghost shrimp are mostly similar. However, many pet owners have witnessed the betta eating their ghost shrimp due to their predatory nature. Ghost shrimp dwell in freshwater streams naturally with sandy or light silt substrate.

Ghost Shrimp prefer environments with a lot of hideaways. As a result, ghost shrimp may have a high survival probability in thickly planted aquariums with several hideouts. Plants will not only complement your betta’s hues, but they may also provide a secure refuge for ghost shrimp from betta.

Tank size is essential. Do not settle for a tank below 10-gallons. This will ensure that your ghost shrimp has more space to swim around and hide from betta fish. Tyr keeping a mirror now and then near your tank to keep your betta distracted.

Water Parameters

Water Parameters for Ghost Shrimp And Betta

The water quality required by both ghost shrimp and betta is similar. Betta fish requires a temperature range of 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit with a pH of 6.5 to 7. Ghost shrimp requires a temperature range of 75-82 degrees Fahrenheit, with a pH measure ranging from 7-8. Both have similar water requirements.

Proper filtration is needed for both to survive. An average betta lifespan is around 3 to 4 years, whereas an average shrimp lifespan is two years. Both of them require a calm current to swim adequately without getting swayed away. Therefore a sponge filter is always recommended for a tank for ghost shrimp and betta.

We recommend installing a proper filtration and heater in the tank to check the water quality. You will want to avoid any water fluctuations because of betta fish’s sensitive nature towards any change. This will also help you keep in check the nitrate levels, which would otherwise cause detrimental and deadly effects on both the fish.


Diet becomes the key to your ghost shrimp’s survival here. Your goal is to provide betta with a variety and balanced diet so that it is not interested in eating up the shrimp because it is omnivorous. In reality, ghost shrimps are indeed omnivores. The feeding of ghost shrimp is effortless. You must purchase some sink algae crackers to ensure they obtain the necessary nutrition.

Betta should be offered bloodworms, mosquito larva, insects, flakes, and pellets, as well as a variety of live and refrigerated feeds. Bettas are omnivorous so they may appreciate a vegetable nibble now and then. Do not overfeed your betta.

The live plants in the aquarium are also a source of food for the ghost shrimp. Do not treat your ghost shrimp daily. They aren’t the same as your betta. Because they’ll still be consuming other items in the aquarium, providing them one algae cracker every alternate day is sufficient.


Molting is the natural process of your ghost shrimp sheds the exoskeleton. It grows as you feed your shrimp; nevertheless, its shell does not. Hence, every two or three months, it will shed its exterior. Do not confuse the shell with a dead ghost shrimp.

During this phase, ghost shrimps are highly defenseless, and hence they try to hide from the aggressive betta. Therefore, installing enough plants and hideaways for shrimp and keeping the betta distracted during this period is essential.

Are Ghost Shrimp And Betta Compatible?

Are Ghost Shrimp And Betta Compatible?

Whether or not ghost shrimp and betta are compatible or not entirely depends on various factors. Provided you meet all the required conditions for efficient survival of ghost shrimp and betta and your fish is not that short-tempered in its personality, your shrimp can live peacefully with your betta for the next two years or more.

Nevertheless, this is contingent on so many factors. Even if you feel like your ghost and betta have now adjusted yet, there is a small probability that your shrimp will fall victim to your betta fish’s predatory nature.

Finding your betta a tank mate can be a handy task since they are rarely compatible with any water creature. They are territorial and do not like anyone in their territory. The best option is to keep them alone. To ensure they don’t get bored, install enough toys, logs, caves, live plants in the tank.

Do not overcrowd your tank, considering the size of betta and shrimp. It is essential to have the optimum number of shrimps. Generally, it is recommended to have one shrimp per gallon. However, ensure you give your betta enough space and keep in mind the bioload. Install proper filtration and live plants for adequate cleaning of water.

FAQs on Ghost Shrimp And Betta

Is it possible to keep ghost shrimps and bettas in a 5-gallon tank?

We recommend introducing one shrimp every gallon. Therefore for a 5-gallon tank, one can easily keep 2 to 3 ghost shrimps with a betta.

What are some tank mates for a betta?

Along with ghost shrimp, one can opt for Ember Tetra, Cory Catfish, Kuhli loaches, snails, etc.

Do betta fish need tank mates at all?

No, they don’t. Community tanks can be stressful for bettas. Hence, betta will be extremely happy living alone in a tank.

Can ghost shrimps eat betta food?

Yes, they can. They can also eat the live plants introduced in the tank.

Do ghost shrimp attack betta?

No, they will not attack your betta. However, the other way round is possible though.

Will ghost shrimp eat betta fry?

There is a possibility that your ghost shrimp may eat a betta fry. Many fish owners have reported these cases.

Is ghost shrimp-eating betta tail possible?

Yes, it is. Ghost shrimps can eat meat. They need protein. If you keep ghost shrimp and betta together, there is a chance that your ghost shrimp eats betta tail.

Final Thoughts:

Ghost shrimp and betta are highly compatible if one provides all the necessary tank requirements to both of them. It is important to observe both of them once introduced in the same tank. Keeping them will indicate the intensity of aggression among them. We recommend shifting the shrimps to another tank if you feel your betta might attack the shrimp.