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Dragon Scale Betta VS Normal Betta: A Comparative Analysis

dragon scale betta vs normal comparison

There are over 70 different betta species, each with its unique characteristics like color, personality, or size. Some of these varieties are natural, while some are selectively bred. The dragon scale betta is a selectively bred betta fish. We will discuss in detail dragon scale betta vs normal betta fish.

Many betta enthusiasts and breeders are continuously trying to produce new betta fish varieties by cross-breeding different types of betta fish. One such product of cross-breeding is the dragon scale betta fish. As the name suggests, the dragon scale betta possesses dragon-type lined scales with metallic coloring. Due to their advanced scale growth, they often tend to develop complete or partial blindness over time. We will determine a dragon scale betta vs normal contrast by explaining the various attributes.

About The Dragon Scale Betta Fish

As stated earlier, the dragon scale betta fish is the result of cross-breeding various types of betta fish belonging to the betta splendens species. The dragon scale betta fish is undoubtedly one of the most attractive betta species out there.

Here are some pointers about the dragon scale betta fish. It will become relatively easy to prepare a dragon scale betta vs normal betta fish contrast after understanding the following aspects about the dragon scale betta fish.


dragon scale betta vs normal

Dragon scale betta fish are characterized by advanced scale growth. These scales generally show a copper metallic coloration and are prominently lined and darkened. They are bred to make them available in different fin types and pigmentation. This is one of the essential reference points in dragon scale betta vs normal betta.

Theoretically speaking, a dragon scale betta can never have a blue base color. This stems from the fact that the dragon scale bettas are named after their base color rather than their scale color. Thus, to ensure that a betta fish is a true dragon scale, look for a thick white scaled overlay with a non-blue base color.


A dragon scale betta fish, like other betta splendens species, can grow up to 2 to 3 inches or 5 to 7.5 centimeters in length. Thus, owing to the one gallon per inch of the fish, a dragon scale betta fish must be kept in a tank at least 5 gallons.


If proper care is taken of them, dragon scale betta fish can live up to 5 years. They can also live for more years if sufficient care is provided. However, as these fish are selectively bred, they may develop complete or partial blindness that reduces the quality and span of life to 2 to 3 years.


An aggressive and territorial nature generally characterizes a betta fish. In the case of a dragon scale betta fish, they too possess an aggressive personality and a bad temperament. Thus, it is generally recommended that these fish are kept alone in a tank.

Other Attributes

dragon scale bettas have advanced and prominent scale growth

Among other important aspects of the dragon scale betta fish, potential blindness is one. As a result of its cross-breeding, the dragon scale bettas have advanced and prominent scale growth. Thus, the scales grow at a tremendous rate.

Due to such an increased scale growth, the scales will eventually cover the betta fish’s eye, leading to complete blindness. This seriously hampers the quality of life of the fish. However, your betta fish may survive for a considerable amount of time if proper care is given to them.

Treatments For Betta Blindness

There are as such no explicit treatments to treat diamond eye blindness in betta fish. However, there are some ways in which you can counteract the effects of blindness, such that your betta fish lives an extended and nearly happy life.

For instance, you can properly schedule your feeding timing to create a sense of involuntary response from your betta fish. Also, try feeding the betta fish at the same stop regularly not to get confused in the future.

Another way to slightly counter the effects of blindness is by adding tannins to your tank. Tannins can thin out the over-growth of scales near the eye of the betta fish. Good sources of tannins include almond and banana leaves. However, tannins may also reduce the scales in the rest of the betta’s body.

Lastly, it is advised that you try to keep a stable environment in your tank for your betta fish. Do not change the water parameters and decorations too often, as it may disrupt the setting of the tank. Also, add as many live plants as possible and avoid sharp objects.

The factors mentioned above will help us prepare a proper dragon scale betta vs normal map to compare the two types and get a clearer idea about the dragon scale betta fish.

Dragon Scale Betta Vs Normal Betta Fish

Comparison Dragon Scale Betta Vs Normal Betta Fish

Having briefly discussed the dragon scale betta fish, we now move on to the dragon scale betta vs normal beta contrast. This will give you a general idea about how different a dragon scale betta is from an average betta fish.

Here is the dragon scale betta vs normal betta fish comparison.

1. Appearance– Generally possess white scales with a non-blue base color– Most common colors include blue or grayish
2. Size– Can grow up to 2 to 3 inches in length– Average length of 2.5 inches
3. Personality– Aggressive and territorial– Aggressive and territorial
4. Tank Requirements– At least 5 gallons with plenty of live plants.– At least 3 gallons with plenty of hiding places in the form of tank decors.

FAQs On Dragon Scale Betta vs Normal

How can you tell a dragon scale betta?

Dragon scale betta has prominent metallic-colored (generally white) scales with varying base colors. However, the base color cannot be blue.

Is red dragon betta rare?

Yes. Red dragon betta is comparatively rarer than other betta species.

How much does a dragon scale betta cost?

An average dragon scale betta fish costs about $11 to $12 when bought from any fish store or online platform.

Final Thoughts

To recap dragon scale betta vs normal betta contrast, there is little difference between the two except when it comes to appearance and vision. Even though there is a high chance that your dragon scale may eventually turn blind, there are ways to ease out the process for your betta fish.