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Best Betta Fish Accessories You Should Add To Your Tank

Best Betta Fish Accessories

Betta fish, or the Japanese fighting fish, are exuberant and enthusiastic tropical fish with a vivid color range and fin types. They are known for their aggressive and hostile nature. They get easily bored if proper betta fish accessories are not added to the tank and might lose their lives in stress.

Betta fish likes to swim in a spacious tank that replicates its natural habitat, the ocean, as much as possible. Therefore, betta fish accessories, like, plants, toys, logs, etc., are not just required but are also necessary.

Betta fish get bored when not provided with enough things to play with or hide within or explore—getting bored is a very detrimental issue, especially when it comes to tropical fish like betta. Betta fish must be kept under proper tank parameters for long and healthy life, and betta fish accessories are one of the significant parameters of the optimal tank conditions. Let us take a deep look into possible betta fish accessories you could add to your tank.

3 Best Betta Fish Accessories:

There are many large and small betta fish accessories that you can consider adding to your tank. We have mentioned a few for your reference, with their product and customer reviews.

Zoo Med Floating Log

A floating log will provide a more natural look to your betta’s environment and make it good hiding and a toy for your betta to play with. A floating log is better than a grounded log because, in the wild, betta fish encounter many such floating objects. However, you need not buy a floating log. You can easily make one.

Nevertheless, if you are looking to buy a Zoo Med resin-made floating log is the best recommendation we have. It does not have any rough edges that could harm your betta’s beautiful fin or tail. It is also optimally weighted so that tank mates like tortoises can stand without the log rolling over.

Customer Reviews:

Customers’ reviews have been just exemplary. Clients claim that the very instant they added the log to their tank, they found their bettas and other fish enjoying the log. There were a few issues with customers who did not correctly follow the instructions for installing the log.

Pros And Cons:

  • Great customer reviews.
  • Provides a natural look to your tank.
  • No sharp edges or toxic materials.
  • Reviews suggest few logs turn white.

SunGrow Shipwreck for Betta Fish

A tank with no betta fish accessories is the most boring tank. With a shipwreck showpiece in the tank, you can give your aquarium some vitality and passion. Your betta will enjoy floating about the shipwreck tank décor, which is fascinating and exciting.

To establish an intriguing underwater landscape impression that will show off your lovely betta in the most outstanding picture, try encircling the shipwreck with tall plants, live or artificial.

This drowned shipwreck décor adds to the beauty of your aquarium and helps keep your fish thriving. This features cave-like crevices where they may freely float, lurk, and explore, providing an excellent environment for engagement and appearance. You can also add some other betta fish tank accessories, rocks, gravel, etc., to give your tank an even aesthetic look.

Customer Reviews:

Customer reviews have been satisfactory and contradictory too. Some claim that they were not happy with the product they were provided. Some say that they were thrilled with the product they were delivered.

Pros And Cons:

  • Provides a cute look to your tank.
  • Fish enjoys the fake wreckage.
  • No sharp edges.
  • Too small for a betta.
  • Needs anchoring to make it stand upright.

Double Fish Ping Pong Balls

Mere ping pong balls can be the perfect pastime betta fish accessories for a weary betta. Put the orb into your fish’s aquarium after washing it in hot water without chemicals. Bettas are drawn to whatever floats on the edge of the water. These floating balls enable your betta to hone their abilities and emulate their natural predatory instinct.

Betta Fish are significantly more at ease in places they have bred to survive. Putting ping pong balls in your aquarium allows your bettas to hunt the same way they would in the wild, enhancing their health and entertainment.

Customer Reviews:

The customer reviews of the betta fish accessories have been exemplary. While the significant customers use this particular ball as a table tennis ball, one can easily use it for betta fish aquarium purposes, provided it is washed first.

Pros And Cons:

  • Cheap and worth every penny.
  • Suitable for a betta tank of any size.
  • Excellent customer reviews.
  • Does not last long.
  • Needs to be washed thoroughly before use.

Benefits Of Betta Fish Accessories:

Betta fish accessories might seem like an unimportant tank parameter, but it is a crucial determinant of your betta’s long and healthy life. Here are a few benefits attached to installing proper betta fish accessories:

  • It keeps your betta entertained. In confinement, figuratively, your betta can die of boredom. Nonetheless, with proper betta fish accessories like plants, hammocks, rings, mirrors, logs, etc., you might observe your betta being more lively, swimming here and there, and always excited.
  • Betta fish likes hiding as a defense mechanism. When they feel intimidated or vulnerable, they hide behind a filter or somewhere in the dark as a defense strategy. Therefore, installing betta fish accessories like hammocks, plants, and shipwrecks is an excellent way to provide your betta privacy.
  • Essential betta fish accessories like hammocks and flora can drastically improve your fish’s pleasure. Bettas in the wild enjoy reclining on leaves. They frequently rest on organically grown plants, resting, energizing themselves, and absorbing the tannic and minerals released by marine flora.
  • There are betta fish accessories that are primarily used for helping betta have a decent bacterial balance. For instance, gel for betta fish accessories, like waste-away time-release gels, are used to release good bacteria and remove nitrates from water to maintain the aqua balance.

How To Choose Decent Betta Fish Accessories?

You do not want to hurt your betta with the decor you add. Generally, people do not think it through before adding a particular accessory to a betta tank. Therefore we have jotted down a few points to keep in mind before buying betta fish accessories.

  • Do not buy anything with sharp and pointy edges. It is well known that betta fish are tiny and delicate fish. You do not want to injure their fins and tails through sharp edges and make them permanently disabled. Betta fish tank accessories, submarines, rocks, and wrecks can be pointy. Check before you add them.
  • Do not add anything you pick up from the road. Usually, betta fish owners find a log or pebbles on the beach and think of putting it in the tank, which is entirely dangerous for your betta. These logs might contain harmful chemicals due to the garbage on the beach and might infect your sensitive betta fish.
  • Wash and quarantine anything you install as betta fish accessories in your tank beforehand.
  • Go for branded betta fish accessories, like Petco betta fish accessories or Zoo Med Fish accessories. Some of the best Petco betta fish accessories are its gravel, aquarium kit, shipwrecks, and fake plants.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Do betta fish like accessories?

Your betta is a curious and smart fish. It’s no wonder, then, that they enjoy having objects and accessories in their aquarium to keep them interested, pleased, and energetic.

Do bettas like mirrors?

Betta fish may or may not like mirrors. Looking at their complexion, they feel intimidated, thinking there is some other betta fish in their territory.

Do betta fish get lonely?

They do not qualify as such. They are incredibly territorial. Therefore, they do not get lonely, but they might still get bored.

Which is the top pet store that sells betta fish and accessories?

One of the best and most trustworthy online pet stores we could think of for both betta fish, and betta fish accessories are Petco.

Final Thoughts:

Betta fish accessories are an integral part of a betta fish tank, and therefore at any cost, a betta fish owner must not compromise on these. They provide your betta with an excellent source of entertainment and make them feel as if they are in their natural habitat.