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Albino Betta Fish: Do They Even Exist?

albino betta fish

Betta has known to come in a variety of colors, colors one cannot imagine. There are bettas that can jump color: marble betta, betta fish that come in multiple colors, like koi betta or butterfly betta, and then there are some rare color bettas like black or blue betta. Nevertheless, the rarest among all betta species is albino betta fish.

Albino betta fish is so rare enthusiasts consider them not even to exist. The peculiarity of these betta fish is also its color like most other betta fish. They do not have any pigmentation. A naturally living albino betta lacks colors all over its body, fins, and tails. They have either pink or red eyes. They lack pigmentation so much so that they become translucent. It is unlikely for a betta to have such pigmentation; hence an albino betta is a rare genetic disorder in bettas. They are said to be found last by an enthusiast in 1953. Today in this post, we are going to discuss Albino betta fish.

Albino Betta Fish: Appearance and Features

My new albino betta fish

Albino betta, like said earlier, lacks color. They have a body that is white with red or pink eyes. Like the whole body, the fins and tails have no color and feel like a transparent sheet. This means a true albino’s fins and tails will be see-through. You will be able to see through their fins and tails.

Such rare color in betta is because the gene carrying no color is recessive. The word recessive implies that the gene is preceded by something. The dominant gene among bettas makes them available in the bright, flashy colors they exist. However, to have the recessive gene, a betta must be an offspring of both parent betta being albino.

Even though albino betta fish is rare, and many fish enthusiasts would like to have it as a pet, you must understand that albinism is a condition among bettas. Lacking pigmentation makes them vulnerable to death in the wild and therefore cut shorts their lifespan.

This is because the albino betta fish cannot withstand the hard UV rays from the Sun. They are also blind and deaf. This is made sure by the fact that their eyes are red or pink. The health issue is albino betta ensures that they have a short lifespan and therefore are physically unable to breed.

Nevertheless, a fish enthusiast was lucky enough to end up with an albino betta fish in the 1950s. His attempts to make it breed were unsuccessful. The betta cannot see the female betta correctly, or the albino betta does not seem to care about the eggs it reproduces. Nonetheless, there are a few successful attempts of breeding, and albino offsprings do exist, but they are extremely rare to pet.

One thing must be noted here, and many breeders try to reproduce albino bettas through white betta. However, they are different. A true albino will have a translucent body with red or pink eyes. If your betta has white-colored fins and tail, which is not translucent and has black eyes, then you were probably sold a basic white betta and not albino.

How To Take Care Of Albino Betta Fish?

Albion betta has a naturally short lifespan because of its condition. They are very rare. But if you end up with this rare species, we suggest taking exceptional care of this betta. Here are a few tips to help you do so.

Tank Parameters

Even though albino is a rare species, it is eventually a betta. Therefore, it requires the same conditions as a betta. Purchase a tank for your betta and not a fishbowl. Ensure that the tank is shallow and long for your betta. Make sure the size is a minimum of 5-gallons.

Your betta needs enough space to swim freely, and try replicating the natural paddy freshwater habitat by installing logs and live plants and shrubs in your tank. Even though your albino betta fish cannot see, it will look great in the tank, but ensure they are not too sharp.

Keep your tank location away from direct sunlight for albino betta because they might develop skin cancer due to the rays. Also, do not install much lighting into the tank. Their pigmentation makes it hard for them to survive with such lights.

Water Quality

A betta requires water that is warm in the range of 70-85 degrees Fahrenheit. To keep this temperature in check and avoid any fluctuations we suggest installing a heater. They generally are hypersensitive to any water fluctuation and stress out easily. Therefore establishing heater rules out any chance of changes.

Maintain a pH of 6.5-7, which means tap water would be sufficient for albino betta fish. Also, install a proper filter to keep nitrate and ammonia levels in check. Your albino is already struggling with health issues. We don’t think you would want it to struggle with toxic water as well. Hence, ensure proper cleaning of the tank and filter system.

Dietary Needs

They would survive on mosquito larvae or bloodworms in the wild. Hence, feeding them pellets, flakes, and meat, either refrigerated or live, would provide them with the nutrition they need. One can give the albino betta fish daphnia, bloodworms, shrimps, etc., as a part of their meat diet.

Do not overfeed your betta. Provide them meals not more than twice, in small quantities. Overfeeding is a common problem among betta. Overfeeding betta would lead to bloating, eventually blocking the swim bladder for bettas. A blockage in the swim bladder implies betta would have issues swimming and balancing.

Albino Female Vs Male Betta Fish

BasisAlbino MaleAlbino Female
Fins and TailsA male albino will have larger caudal fins and tails.Female albino betta generally has shorter fins and tails.
During MatingAlbino males do not have stripesThey form strips over their body during mating
Body ShapeThey are slim and lean in physiqueThey are a little smaller and broad in their shape
Bubble NestsMales are responsible for making the bubble nests for mating purposes. Female albino betta will never make a bubble nest in their tank.

FAQs on Albino Betta Fish

How long do albino betta fish live?

In the wild, they do not survive for long. However, they can live for around 2 to 4 years in confinement if proper care is taken.

Are albino bettas rare?

Yes indeed. They are so rare that breeders consider them not even to exist. However, they do exist but are almost impossible to get.

What is the rarest breed of betta fish?

A fantail type of betta fish is found rarely. They have distinct caudal fins, lengthy and attached to a small region in the betta body. It has a like structure as a fantail goldfish.

Can white betta become albino?

No white bettas are not albino or cannot be considered to be albino bettas. The albino betta is blind and has red or pink eyes, which white bettas might not have.

Final Thoughts:

An albino betta is rare to find, but if you are lucky enough to get your hands on one, we say take excellent care of it. Due to the health issues albino have, their offsprings often turn out to have the same, but with colors that are not the same, making them unwanted. Hence, breeding them is entirely your discretion, but make sure to have enough space for bettas which are not albinos but have their health issues.