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3 Best Automatic Horse Feeders To Look For

automatic horse feeder

If your horse has weight or performance issues, the first thought that may come to your mind is to put the horse on a balanced and controlled diet. It may also be the case that your barn is situated quite far from your place, or you, as an owner, just cannot be there every time to feed the horses. Well, you need not worry, as plenty of automatic horse feeders are available in the market for this very purpose.

SaleBestseller No. 1
Little Giant® Automatic Livestock Waterer | Push-Paddle Epoxy Coated Automatic Stock Waterer | Horse Tack Waterer | Cattle Waterer | Hog Waterer
  • AUTOMATICALLY DISPENSES WATER – This automatic waterer automatically dispenses fresh water to livestock when the waterer’s paddle is pushed.
  • CORROSION RESISTANT – Heavy-duty cast iron with a tough, nontoxic black epoxy finish for corrosion resistance.
  • STAINLESS STEEL PADDLE – This waterer has a heavy-gauge stainless-steel push paddle for pump activation.
  • STOPS WATER SUPPLY FROM FREEZING – Non-siphoning valve keeps water supply from freezing.
  • SANITARY – The livestock waterer’s continuous fresh water supply helps reduce breeding of disease-carrying organisms
Bestseller No. 2
Little Giant® Automatic Animal Waterer | 4 Gallon | Float Controlled Automatic Waterer for Livestock | Heavy Duty and Durable | Made in USA | Blue
799 Reviews
Little Giant® Automatic Animal Waterer | 4 Gallon | Float Controlled Automatic Waterer for Livestock | Heavy Duty and Durable | Made in USA | Blue
  • FLOAT CONTROLLED – This automatic cattle waterer has float controlled refill feature that automatically refills the tank based on it’s water level.
  • STANDARD HOSE CONNECTION – This automatic watering device connects to a standard 3/4 inch garden hose, making it easy and convenient to set up.
  • 4 GALLON WATER CAPACITY – The waterer has a 4 gallon water capacity making it perfect for large animals such as cattle and horses.
  • EASY FENCE OR WALL MOUNTING – This product includes metal brackets for over-the-fence or on-the-wall installation (hardware not included), also 30 in of hose is included with a female hose attachment.
  • MULTIPLE COLORS AVAILABLE – This product is available in a variety of colors including Blue, Green, Black and Red
Bestseller No. 3
MUDUOBAN Automatic Waterer,304 Stainless Steel Automatic Water Bowl Dispenser with Brass Float Valve for Dog,Self Filling Water Trough Feeder for Horse Cow Goat Chicken Pig Sheep Livestock
67 Reviews
MUDUOBAN Automatic Waterer,304 Stainless Steel Automatic Water Bowl Dispenser with Brass Float Valve for Dog,Self Filling Water Trough Feeder for Horse Cow Goat Chicken Pig Sheep Livestock
  • DURABLE MATERIAL: This automatic water trough is made of 304 stainless steel,anti-deformation,no rust,clean and sanitary.
  • AUTOMATIC DESIGN: With upgraded brass float valve 1/2 inch,the use of float water level floating principle control the inlet and outlet water switch, to achieve a constant water level effect.
  • Size: Water Trough for livestock 10.6″L x 9.8″W x 4.7″H.
  • EASY INSTALL and CONNECT: The waterer rear 2 screw fixing holes for simple installation it on the wall. Thread gauge:1/2 NPT,you can connect with thread supply tube with 1/2 female thread.
  • WIDE USE: An ideal automatic livestock drinking bowl for horses, cattle, goats, sheep, dogs and other outside animals, suitable for farm and domestic pets.Polished and curved edges are safe for them.
Bestseller No. 4
Automatic Dog Feeder Trough Bowl Dispenser Waterer for Pet Dog Horse Cattle Goat Sheep Water Stainless Steel Farm Tool
  • High Quality cattle water bowl.(no pipe)
  • 304 stainless steel, durable, no rust, no deformation, clean and sanitary.
  • Heavy Gauge Stainless For Long Life.Thread gauge:1/2 NPT.
  • Smooth edge polished , to avoid traumatic infection the caused by scratching.
  • The use of float water level floating principle control the inlet and outlet water switch, to achieve a constant water level effect, keeps enough water and always clean water.
Bestseller No. 5
MINYULUA Automatic Waterer Bowl Large Horse Waterer with Float Valve and Drain Plug Automatic Water Feeder Dispenser Bowl for Sheep Dog Horse Cow Pig Plastic (dark blue)
  • Material: The drinking trough is made from plastic, premium durability and no rust, no deformation
  • Automatic Design: The float valve can fill the water automatically to keep enough and clean water for livestock or outside animals
  • Adjusting water level: To adjust the water level, remove lid to access float valve. Loosen the plastic nut, and adjust float up or down, then re-tighten plastic nut
  • Easy to Use: The dog water bowl has a drain plug at the bottom for easy cleaning. Easily connects to 1/2″ pipe, flex hose, or garden hose
  • Wild application: A great automatic stock waterer have a wide application, you can use it to supply water to horses, cattle, Goats, Sheep, Dogs and other outside animals

Best Automatic Horse Feeder

As stated earlier, there are a variety of automatic horse feeders available, but depending on your needs, only a few of them might fit your requirements. Therefore, we have prepared a list of our top 3 picks for the best automatic horse feeder for large breeds in the market to make your choice easier.

Equine Automation X5-CD Automatic Horse Feeder

Equine Automation X5-CD Automatic Horse Feeder

Equine Automation Model X5-CD Feed Dispenser is a cutting-edge automatic feeding device made especially for horses. Modern technology is used to simplify the feeding of horses, saving both time and labor for horse owners and carers. A customizable feeding routine that enables accurate monitoring of portions is included with the automatic horse feeder.

It makes sure each and every horse gets the right proportion of feed depending on its particular dietary requirements. The device provides a variety of programmable settings to satisfy different feeding needs. In order to accommodate both their own preferences and the nutritional requirements of their horses, horse owners can readily alter the portion sizes, meal intervals, and feeding rate.

The dispenser makes use of cutting-edge technologies to offer a quick and easy feeding experience. Owners can remotely track and oversee the feeding process by connecting it to a mobile application or a centralized control panel. The dispenser has an intuitive UI that makes it simple to set up and use. This makes setup easier and enables quick adjustments as needed by giving straightforward guidance and responses.

The automatic horse feeder system is made to work with a range of horse feed materials, including grains, pellets, and hay cubes. In order to support higher horse populations, the system also includes expandability alternatives that enable the installation of more feeders.

Quick Feed Electronic Automatic Horse Feeder

With the Quick Feed Automatic Electronic Feeder, feedings may be precisely scheduled. Users may set the Feeder to distribute the meal at certain intervals throughout the day to make sure their animals are fed on schedule. Owners may also adjust the precise amount of meal portions to be supplied at each feeding using the portion control features offered by the Feeder.

With the help of this tool, you can be sure that horses get the right kind of nourishment, depending on their particular dietary requirements. The Quick Feed is especially advantageous for horses that need regular feeds or who have specialized nutritional needs that call for lighter, more frequent servings. The Feeder’s easy-to-use interface makes installation and maintenance simpler.

Users may simply explore and customize their meal times and amount of food owing to the LCD screen or computer display that is commonly present in these devices. The Quick Feed Automatic Electronic Feeder is made for outdoor usage since it is constructed from strong, weather-resistant materials. Batteries are used to power the Feeder. Thus, there is no need for wiring or outlets. This feature gives the feeder versatility with regard to installation and enables usage in locations where electricity might not be easily accessible.

It is a weatherproof automated horse feeder, guaranteeing that feed is always safe and available to horses. The Feeder features a safe storage space that can accommodate a sizable amount of feed. This function makes sure that there is a plentiful amount of feed accessible, minimizing the chance of running out of supply and lowering the need for regular refilling.

Simple Feeder Automatic Horse Feeder

The Simple Feeder is made of strong, long-lasting materials that are built to survive the challenging conditions found outdoors that are typical in a horse-rearing environment. The standard components include a container to store the meal, a feeding chute, and an electrical control system.

This has a programmed timer that enables horse owners or carers to create a specific feeding plan. This timer may be set to distribute feed at certain intervals throughout the day to provide the horses with standard and regular meals.

The feed dispensing system of the Simple Feeder is turned on by its electronic control system when it is time for a feeding. The feed is delivered down the feeding chute into a feeding plate or container once the equipment discharges the predefined quantity of feed from the storage container.

The Simple Feeder is simple to set up and operate. It is readily restocked by opening the storage container, and it may be installed on walls, fences, or pillars. The Simple Feeder Automatic Horse Feeder normally uses electricity and needs an ordinary power source to function. However, certain models could provide battery-powered choices for more versatility.

If You Want…Choose

  • Timed horse-feeding solutions – Haygain Forager
  • Indoor automatic horse feeder options – HelixFeeder
  • Solar-powered horse feed dispenser – X5-CD Feeder
  • Smartphone-controlled horse feeding system – HIT Active Stable
  • Weatherproof automated horse feeder – X5-CD Feeder
  • Portable horse feeding station – Flexi-Rac Feeding System
  • Gravity-based horse feed dispenser – Ranch Gravity Feeder
  • Slow feed automatic horse feeder – iFEED Feeder


What are some disadvantages of using an automatic horse feeder?

There is no way to monitor how much each horse is eating from the stock as there is a possibility of feed hoarding. Moreover, the Feeder will still dispense certain portions of the meal even if there are leftovers, thereby resulting in wastage.

Which is the best automatic horse feeder?

– Equine Automation X5-CD Automatic Horse Feeder
– Quick Feed Electronic Automatic Horse Feeder
– Simple Feeder Automatic Horse Feeder

Final Thoughts

Therefore, by using such automatic horse feeders, one may avoid regularly feeding and keeping track of the food intake of the horses. However, it is recommended that even after using such automatic food dispensers, the owner must periodically check on the nutritional progress of his horses.