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Rose Gold Betta: The Shimmering Beauty

Rose Gold Betta

It is not something new that a commercial name is given to a Betta fish to get more money. The same is applied to the case of the Betta fish being discussed today – The Rose Gold Betta.

The Rose Gold Betta is a fish breed that belongs to the Betta splendens species. They are a variant of Half-moon Betta. They come in a beautiful combination of Red and Gold color and have a spectacular finnage. 

They grow up to 2.5 inches in size and live for 3-4 years and sometimes even living up to five years. The lifespan of the fish will be dependent completely on how well they are taken care of. They are also known as Siamese Fighting Fish. 

Overview of Rose Gold Betta

Scientific nameBetta splendens
Common namesRose Gold Betta
Native PlaceThailand, Laos, Indonesia
Color Red body with golden fins
Aquarium size10 gallons or bigger
Preferred temperature23-27 °C (73-81 °F)
pH level 6.5 to 7.5 
Fish Size2.5 inches
Temperament Peaceful when alone 
Recommended tank matesBlack Tetras, Rasboras Catfish, Poecilia, and Bloodfin Tetras.
Preferred foodFrozen bloodworms or brine shrimp and quality pellets and flakes. 
Feeding periodFeeding should be 12 hours apart, twice a day and they should not be overfed. 

Origin of Name

Beautiful Rose Gold Betta

Just like most other Betta fish, the name of this fish also comes from its unique appearance. With a Rosy red color and flowing golden fins, it is not surprising they got the name. 

As these are just a variant of Half-moon bettas, the name ‘Rose Gold Betta’ is just a commercial name given to them by the pet store chain Petco to earn more money. 

Rose Gold Betta Care

As Rose Gold Betta belongs to the Betta splendens species, their method of taking care of them is also very similar. They have to be provided with the right conditions to thrive and live a comfortable, happy life. Any slight discomfort could make the Betta get stressed immediately.

Stress makes the fish’s immune system go down, which in turn makes the health of the fish go down, making them susceptible to various diseases. Therefore, it is vital to make sure that the fish feels no stress at any point. 

Tank Conditions for Rose Gold Betta

Beautiful betta fish tank

The tank conditions should be perfect. The tank’s temperature should be around 23-27 °C (73-81 °F) as they are tropical fish. The temperature should always remain constant, and any slight change could make the fish easily stressed. The pH of the water should be at a level between 6.5 and 7.5. 

Water movement should be minimal. If there is no water movement or current, all the better. The Rose Gold Betta, as it is a variety of Half-moon Betta, has a spread out flowing tail fin. These fins weigh these fish down, and when that happens, it makes it difficult for the fish to swim. Adding to this, if there is additional water movement, it would only end up making it even more difficult for the little fishes to swim. 

The heavy current will only make the fish feel more stressed, not something a Betta owner needs.

If the filtration system causes the current, the issue can be avoided by either using a sponge filter or regulating the filter’s outflow. 

Filtration is a necessity to ensure the cleanliness and the water chemistry remains the same. 

Resting and hiding places have to be provided to make the fish feel more at home. 

How to keep Rose Gold Betta fish Happy? 

Betta fish known for their incredible beauty is also infamous for being stressed easily. 

To keep the fish comfortable and happy is the responsibility of the Betta Owner, and there are a few things a person can do to ensure this. 

Bettas are brilliant creatures and can get bored easily. If the betta is kept entertained, then they will be happy. One of the first and important things to ensure the happiness of the Betta is to keep the tank clean and filtered. 

A dirty tank is something that can easily stress the fish. 

Providing decorations and hiding places keeps the Betta entertained and makes the fish feel safe when it feels threatened. Resting places can be put in to make the fish rest when they feel tired, making them feel relaxed. 

Teaching tricks is the best way to keep a Betta entertained. Jumping and getting the food off the owner’s hands and making the fish spread their fins when promoted are some of the simple tricks that could keep the Betta happy. 

Providing a rich nutritious diet is yet another way to keep the Betta happy. 

Keep an eye on the Betta to notice if there are any changes in its appearance. Betta fish, if unhappy, will show some signs of unhappiness. When the fish exhibits faded colors with closed fins and lack of appetite and tiredness, the fish are unhappy. 


The name of this fish comes from the unique color combination that it shows. The rosy-red-colored body with a tint of golden yellow color on the fins is the signature appearance that makes this fish stand out from the others. 

As the fish belong to the Half-moon Betta group, they have a unique tail which makes Half-moon betta unique. They have a large tail, and when they spread it out, it forms the shape of a semi-circle or half-moon. The tail also looks incredibly majestic. 

Food & Feeding of Rose Gold Betta

The feeding pattern and the food given to them are similar to the other fish belonging to the Betta splendens species. They need to be given a protein-rich diet to provide energy to swim around; however, they should not be overfed. 

They need to be fed twice a day with a gap of 12 hours in between. They should only be fed in small quantities, which the Betta can eat in a few minutes. Fasting the fish once every 12-14 days is a very good way to keep the fish healthy and avoid overfeeding and constipation. 

There are various foods available in the market which are made for Bettas. These types of food provide the right and required nutrition to the fish. Various frozen or Freeze-dried foods such as bloodworms and brine shrimp can also be fed to them. They also eat flakes and pellets. 

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Choosing The Best Rose Gold Betta Fish Name

A betta is your pet, so one should give a name that the betta owner likes—no one else’s opinion matters. What you feel is a nice name is a name you should give your Betta. However, if you feel completely clueless about what to name your Rose Gold Betta, here are some suggestions. 

  • Midas

One of the most common names which people name their Rose Gold Betta is Midas. The name comes from a myth that refers to an ancient king who could turn anything he touched into gold. This is a beautiful name to give to your Betta, which Gold has touched. 

  • Oro

Oro is yet another name given commonly. The name sounds beautiful and unique. The word Oro means Gold in Spanish which not only sounds beautiful but also suits the fish very well. 

  • Ginto

Yet another name which means gold. This time not from Spanish but Filipino. The name not only sounds beautiful but fits the fish type perfectly. 

These are some names that have been commonly used, however, this does not mean one has to use these names because at the end of the day it all comes down to personal preference. 

Commonly Asked Questions

Are Gold Bettas Rare?

While not considered to be rare, they are pretty uncommon. However, they are available most of the time in stores like Petco.

Do Rose Gold bettas like light?

Betta fish generally prefer a schedule where they have regular light and dark periods to get into a normal sleeping pattern. So a rose gold betta, as they belong to the Betta splendens species, found like light.

Can my Rose Gold betta fish hear my voice?

Rose gold bettas, or any bettas for that matter, lack super hearing. Water further dampens sound. However, yes, they can faintly hear and identify your voice. But they are not like a cat or a dog and may not recognize their name.


Rose Gold Betta, a type of Half-moon Betta known for its unique appearance of rosy red and golden fins are an incredibly beautiful and unique fish belonging to the Betta splendens species. They make a great pet and an even greater addition to one’s aquarium. 

In this article, all the major topics concerning how to take care of a Rose Gold Betta have been covered. Hope it was useful!