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Black Orchid Betta: The Aquatic Black Beauty

Black Orchid Betta

When one hears the name Black Orchid, one would think of the beautiful flower seen in South America and Asia. While we are not talking about the beautiful flower, we are talking about another beautiful thing – a beautiful fish. These beautiful fishes can make the environment colorful and make one’s heart fill up with joy. 

Black Orchid Betta is one of the most amazing and popular pets in the world. They are a variety in the Betta splendens species and are known for their beautiful colorful fins and body.  They are dark black in color with a butterfly pattern with blue colored stripes on their fins. 

Black Orchid Betta, also known as the Black Devil or Black ice, is one among the 73 species of Betta and is a type of Black Betta. They are known for their large magical flowing fins. Most of the fish in this species have a tinge of red, making their color more intense and more stunning to look at; however, their iridescent coloring is not something seen in just its fins. They grow up to a length of 3 inches. 

They are pretty common and are easy to breed and will be available at the nearest pet store, or one can buy Black Orchid Bettas online.
Black Orchid Bettas can live for up to three years on average. However, under proper care, they can live up to 5 years. They are very popular due to their majestic beauty and magical fins. They need to be given better care as tank-bred bettas are more vulnerable. Just like other Bettas, they are also Labyrinth breathers which allow them to breathe oxygen from the water surface.

Overview of Black Orchid Betta

Scientific nameBetta splendens
Common namesBlack Orchid Betta
Native PlaceThailand, Cambodia and Laos
Fish TypeAir brooder fish
Aquarium size10 gallons or bigger
Preferred temperature21.1 to 27.7°C (70 to 82°F  degrees Fahrenheit)
pH level6.5 – 7.5
Fish Size3 inches
TemperamentPeaceful when alone
Recommended tank matesCroaking Gourami, Black Tetras, Catfish, Bloodfin Tetras, Poecilia, and Rasboras.
Preferred foodFrozen and dried foods. shrimp or blood worms and betta specific food
Feeding time periodFeed 12 hours apart, make the fishes fast for 24 hours once every 10 -14 days
BreedingBubble nest builders

Origin of Rose Petal Betta

Breeder Henry Yin developed his own breed of dark bi-color crown tail betta and gave the name Black Orchid Betta to it due to its dark black color. They originated from South East-Asian countries, especially Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia. These fishes are members of the Gourami or the Osphronemidae family. They are generally seen in flood plains, water streams, and drainage ditches.

The Name

The name of this fish comes from the beautiful color they have on their body and fins. They have a beautiful dark black color with blue stripes, which vaguely resembles the color of the Black Orchid flower. However, the black color they have is not a marble-based black but a melano type. 

Food & Feeding of Black Orchid Betta

Black Orchids eat both vegetarian food and Insect larvae. However, their diet needs to be kept in check as it takes some time for the new Bettas to adjust to their new home. Therefore, they mainly consume mosquito larvae, bloodworms, and brine shrimp.

Black Orchid Betta should not be given live food brought from outside as it may contain pesticides and bacterias. They prefer dry foods like flakes and pellets. The diet should 40% based on meat with high proteins. Special frozen food will be available at the pet store; however, it needs to be soaked before feeding.

One must remember to not overfeed the Bettas as it could lead to a lot of health issues. 

Best Tank Conditions Black Orchid Betta

black orchid betta tank


A minimum of 10 Gallons of water is needed in the tank to make sure there is enough space for the fish to swim freely. Black Orchids are not fast, swimmers, however, that does not mean they should be kept in small bowls or tanks as it needs a lot of space to swim around because of their large-sized fins. 

The tanks should be longer and not taller as the fish needs to be able to go to the surface to breathe however if the tanks are taller then it would mean they will have to swim more and as their tails weigh them down it would be harder for them to swim for longer. 

Black Orchids are also good jumpers and they jump when they are attacked by other aggressive fish in the tank. So in order to ensure the safety of the fish a lid needs to be there for the tank. The lid should be well fitted and needs to have a minimum distance of one inch between the water surface and the lid as they are good jumpers. 


The tank needs to be bright and should have proper lighting as Black Orchids prefer well-lit tanks and the lighting also helps to distinguish the colors of the fish properly.

Adding decorations and substrates makes the fish feel more at home and helps it ease into the new environment, and makes it feel comfortable with its surroundings. They also prefer to have plants in the aquarium to let it have space to hide if it feels unsafe. The decorations and substrates also provide a resting place for the fish as they need to rest often. 

Water Conditions 

Water needs to be clean always as an unclean tank could lead to various health issues for the fish.  The temperature of the tank should always be between 21°C and 29°C, and the temperature should never go below 20°C.

Bettas prefer the pH level of the water to be at its natural level, which ranges from 6 to 7.5 on the pH scale. The sudden fluctuation of the pH level of water can be deadly to the fish. So, one must ensure the pH of water always stays at the desired level. 


A tank needs a filtration system to ensure that it stays clean; however, it needs to be kept so that the outflow is regulated so there is minimal current in the water and the Betta can swim comfortably.

A filtration system needs to manage the nitrate level in the tank and ensure the uneaten food and organic wastes do not get turned into fungus and cause health problems to the fish. Therefore, it is also recommended to keep a fungus eliminator in the tank. 

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Diseases that affect Black Orchid Bettas

Poor water cleanliness and unbalanced diet could result in the fish being stressed and could cause various diseases and infections to the Betta. Some of the deseases are mentioned below. 


Constipation refers to the blockage of the digestive system. This could be because of an imbalanced diet. Their bodies will appear bloated and will float on the tank as they will find it hard to swim during this time. Fasting the fish for one or two days is one of the best ways to ensure that this does not happen to one’s Betta. 

Swim Bladder disease

This disease affects the ability of the fish to swim. Bacterial infection of water is the main reason why this happens. This will affect their balance to swim up and down. This can be avoided by cleaning the tank once or twice a week. 

Fin Rot Disease

Fin Rot is the disease in which the the fins of the Betta gets rotten or damaged mainly due to bacterial infection from unlean water. The fins of the fish which are affected by this disease will appear paler. 

The disease will last for 2-4 weeks. This can be minimized and cured by administering various anti biotics and by providing prepare care and guidance to the fish. 

Dropsy Disease 

This disease affects the fish due to the failure of the kidney. The excessive bloating and swelling of the body and scales are indicators of this disease. This disease can be prevented by reducing the number of live animals in the diet. This disease is fatal and there is no cure for it. One can only isolate the betta and make its last days comfortable. 

Ich disease/White Spot

This disease is common and is affected due to a parasitic infection. White-colored spots all over the body are a symptom of this disease and hence the name white spot. The fish needs to be happy and not under stress to ensure the bacteria does not attack the fish as a stressed fish has weaker immunity. 

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Commonly Asked Question

Are Black Orchid betta rare?

Black Bettas are not considered to be rare however they are less commonly seen. They are very popular however the ones seen in pet stored need not be pure breed and could have other colors on their body due to the mixed genes.

How big do Black Orchid bettas get?

Black Orchid Betta grows to a length of 2.25 inches when they are fully grown. However a betta can grow up to a length of 3 inches under the right condition.

Do Black Orchid Bettas get aggressive?

Just like other Betta fishes, Black Orchid Bettas are aggressive as well and they tend to fight each other.

Do Black Orchid Bettas Jump Out Of The Tank?

Yes, Black Orchid Bettas do jump out of the tank and in order to ensure the safety of the fish the tank should be covered with a well fit lid.


These fishes are incredibly gorgeous and extraordinarily attractive species due to their colorful tails and fins. Their extremely aggressive and should be made sure not to be mixed with other Bettas. Their behavior and diet should be observed once in a while. They are a bit expensive however if one provides proper care and a good tank and keeps them happy,  they will make excellent pets.