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Do You Need A Dumbo Betta?

Dumbo Betta

When one thinks of Dumbo, one might think of the adorable, clumsy baby Elephant from the 1941 Disney classic film ‘Dumbo.’ While the Dumbo in the film is a cute baby elephant, the Dumbo referred to here is an adorable fish. These fish are known for their unique appearance and large fins, which resemble the ears of the character of Dumbo.

Dumbo Betta is a breed of Betta fish belonging to the Betta splendens species. They are also known as Elephant Ear Betta. They are known for their large-sized pectoral fins. This specific variation of this breed is made possible due to selective breeding. They grow up to 3 inches in size. 

Dumbo Betta lives for about three years, and just like other Bettas, their lifespan is also affected by the water conditions and the environment they are put in. They are known for their unique shape and gorgeous colors. 

These fish are pretty rare to find and is difficult to be found in a local pet store. 

Overview of Dumbo Betta

Scientific nameBetta splendens
Common namesDumbo Betta or Elephant Ear Betta
Native PlaceThailand, Laos, Cambodia
ColorAvailable in majority of the colors
Aquarium size10 gallons or bigger
Preferred temperature23.8 to 30ºC (75-86°F  degrees Fahrenheit)
pH level6 to 8
Fish Size3 inches
TemperamentPeaceful when alone
Recommended tank mates Black Tetras, Croaking Gourami, Rasboras Catfish, Poecilia, and Bloodfin Tetras.
Preferred foodCarnivores diet of brine shrimp and Frozen bloodworms and quality pellets and flake foods
Feeding periodFed 12 hours apart, twice a day and they should not be overfed.

The Name Dumbo Betta

lavender Dumbo Betta

The name of this fish comes from its unique appearance. The large pectoral fins are seen on either side of the fish’s face give it an appearance as if they were the large ears of an elephant. The overly large fins make it look similar to the ears of the character of Dumbo from the Disney Classic. These similarities between the two resulted in the name of the fish. 

Dumbo Betta Personality

Since these fish belong to the Betta family they are generally aggressive fish. They do not get the name of Siamese fighting fish for no reason. The males are more aggressive than the females. These fish however are peaceful when they are alone. 

However, they are not just aggressive. Betta fish has an amazing personality. They are smart and curious and make an amazing pet for anyone. 


Beautiful Appearance  of dumbo betta

Dumbo Betta is known for its very unique appearance and its most unique feature is the large pectoral fins seen on either side of its face which resemble the ears of the cartoon character Dumbo. Its name is derived from this unique feature. This fish does not fit in with the other fish of this breed. 

They come in a wide variety of colors. The fins of this fish which look like large ears are not just striking but also quite funny. There are a few common patterns generally seen in this type of fish which are as follows: 

  • Butterfly Pattern
  • Solid Color
  • Dragon Scale
  • Grizzle
  • Bicolor
  • Full mask
  • Marble and Koi are very rare in this breed

Their pectoral fins are not just enlarged. They are also ruffled, giving it an extravagant look. They can be seen with a wide variety of tail and is most commonly seen with Half-moon tail. This unique appearance has been made possible with selective breeding. They have a Super Delta tail. Super Delta strain makes the fish have a wider caudal fin spread bigger than normal Betta fish. 

The fins are sometimes even five times bigger than the size of a normal betta. The Elephant Ear Betta most often uses their Pectoral fin to swim, making it look like a dancer dancing with big feathered fans.

The males are more colorful and have bigger tails and fins when compared to the female. 

Price of Dumbo Betta

Dumbo Betta is also pretty cheap and easy to take care of. They are generally sold in the price range between $17 and $20.

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Dumbo Betta Vs Halfmoon Betta

While both the fish belong to the Betta splendens family, their appearance is quite different. While the Elephant Ear Betta is known for its pectoral fins, the Halfmoon Betta is known for its beautiful tail. 

The Dumbo Betta is a breed of Betta splendens known for its large-sized pectoral fins. The large-sized fin resembles the big ears of the cartoon Elephant Dumbo and hence the name. These fish may sometimes have the Halfmoon tail. 

The Halfmoon Betta is a breed of Betta splendens known for its incredibly unique and stunning tail fin. All the other characteristics of this fish are similar to that of other Bettas. The unique feature is the 180º spread tail fin which resembles the shape of a half-moon or a semi-circle. 

The Halfmoon Betta comes in the more aggressive spectrum of Betta fish and is hard to breed and take care of. They are also good jumpers. 

Best Tank Conditions for Dumbo Betta

Best Tank Conditions for Dumbo Betta

Dumbo Bettas are hardy fish which means that it is pretty easy to take care of them. However, that does not mean they are effortless to take care of. The care and tank conditions of Dumbo Betta are very similar to that of other fish in the Betta splendens species. 

As always, while taking care of a Betta fish, one needs to keep in mind that the water conditions stay the same at all times. The water temperature should be in a range between 23.8 to 30ºC (75-86°F  degrees Fahrenheit), and the pH should be in a range between 6 and 8 on the pH scale. A filtration system and a water heater need to be placed inside the aquarium to ensure the water conditions stay stable. 

The tank should at least be 5 gallons. These fish are known to be aggressive, and it is better if they are placed alone; however, if it is a community tank, then the tank should be big enough to avoid any aggressions from the Betta. 

Minimal water movement should be ensured to make the fish have a comfortable life as the heavy fins weigh them down, and if a current is there in the water could make it extremely difficult for the fish to swim. Hiding places and resting places should be there in the tank to make the fish feel at home. 

Food & Feeding

The feeding of this breed is also very similar to that of other fish of this species. They are also carnivores in the aquarium setting and need to be fed frozen or freeze-dried Brine shrimps and Blood worms and flakes and pellets, and other food specifically for the Bettas. They should not be overfed and should maintain a balanced diet. 

They can be let to fast for 24 hours a day every 12 to 14 days to avoid constipation. 

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Commonly Asked Questions

What is a Dumbo Betta?

Dumbo Betta refers to the breed of fish in the Betta splendens species known for their unique appearance. They have a large pectoral fin on either side of their face which resembles the ears of an elephant and a resemblance to the cartoon character Dumbo, hence the name.

How big do Dumbo Bettas get?

Dumbo Bettas generally grow up to a size of 3 inches. However, they may grow slightly bigger based on their living conditions.

How long do Dumbo Halfmoon Betta fish live?

Like other Bettas Dumbo Bettas also live up to 3 or four years, their lifespan depends on the conditions it lives in.

Will a Betta fish bite you?

Yes, a betta fish can bite you as it has teeth.


Dumbo Betta or the Elephant Ear Betta is yet another unique variety from the Betta family, which is just as adorable as the baby elephant it is named after. Their gorgeous pectoral fins, which are constantly in motion as they swim, make it feel like they are dancers using feathered fans.

They have an amazing personality and are curious and smart. Their personality, along with the beautiful appearance and the easiness to take care of them, makes them an incredible pet and amazing addition to one’s aquarium.

Everything one needs to know about the Dumbo Betta has been discussed in this article. I hope it was useful!